Advanced Medical Assistant

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Time-Based Skills

12 skill sets | 0 total skills | 0 total hours
Vaccine Management - 0 req. hrs
Injections/PPD - 0 req. hrs
EKG - 0 req. hrs
Pediatrics - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Pain Assessment, Primary Basics and Vitals, Medication, Lab Procedures - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Conflict Resolution - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Computer Etiquette - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Setting Boundaries / Scope of Practice - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Distinguishing The Personal and Professional Self/Professionalism - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Time Management - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Electronic Health Record - 0 req. hrs
Primary Exams - Basic Computer Packages such as Excel, WORD, PPT - 0 req. hrs

Technical Instruction

Vaccine Management
Ability to safely administration injections | observe and practice under supervision by journey worker
# | 9 hrs
Assess need for vaccines based on EHR, notify physician, and schedule | review vaccination guidelines and match with patient EHR record
# | 9 hrs
Able to appropriately select site of injection | observe and demo under supervision of journeyworker
# | 6 hrs
Able to administer Proper Dose and proper medication orother therapy | learn dosing calculation, observe and demo under supervision of journeyworker
# | 6 hrs
Can correctly place leads and use correct technique to administer | observe and demo under journeyworker
# | 4 hrs
Recording procedure and results in EHR | review via online learning and practice
# | 4 hrs
Able to know what is in a wellness visit and can administer accordingly, e.g.: height and weight, vaccination schedule, medication review | Review via online instruction and demo via written list
# | 12 hrs
Understands and applies knowledge of vital signs administration for pediatric patients. Review online, quiz, and then practice on the job
# | 12 hrs
Understands and correctly applies HIPPA implications for pediatrics. Review via online instruction, pass quiz on implications as well as solve problems requiring their application.
# | 12 hrs
Pain Assessment
Triaging presenting patients based on visible pain symptoms | online review of common pain symptoms and using judgement when severity requires more immediate attention of physician. Learn questions to ask patient for additional information.
# | 5 hrs
Primary Exams
Understand the primary exam and be able to take vital signs (e.g. height, weight, blood pressure, temperature) | learn basics online and then practice in person training and on the job.
# | 10 hrs
Takes and updates medication history, know to refer questions to physician or APN | Watches online demo, answers basic questions, practice OJT
# | 9 hrs
Refill prescriptions as per clinician instructions and signature | watches demo of reviewing prescription details and submitting to pharmacy.
# | 9 hrs
Knowledge and understanding of basic drug classes | online presentation of this information, quiz to review knowledge and understanding
# | 9 hrs
Knowledge of refill amounts and application of such to basic classes of drugs online presentation of this information, quiz to review knowledge and understanding including calculations
# | 9 hrs
Lab Procedures
Understand lab procedures and scope of practice for MAs, e.g.: they can do urine samples but not blood draws | online discussion of roles of MA and then quiz to test knowledge
# | 6 hrs
Properly identify and label specimens | watch online demo and then quiz on how to do this, practice on the job
# | 6 hrs
Soft skills
Conflict resolution, computer etiquette and professionalism, setting boundaries, customer service, distinguishing your personal and professional self, time management, communication | online learning of basic principles of each topic and case studies including role play to practice skills.
# | 50 hrs
Oral and written communication skills knowledge and practice contextualized to medical practice environment. Includes clarity of communication substance as well as tone/style appropriate for medical environment.
# | 12 hrs
Electronic Health Record
Basic review of EHR components, populating, notes, record retrieval, reading data as recorded by others, how to consult record as needed for patient visits or inquiries.
# | 6 hrs
Basic Computer Packages
Excel, WORD, PPT – online instruction in basics of each along with practice creating and editing documents.
# | 9 hrs