Agriculture Applicator Technician

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
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Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline
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Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

1 skill sets | 6 total skills
Industry-Sector Technical Competencies
Agribusiness systems of farm cooperatives, fertilizers and herbicide suppliers- Learn basic agricultural business principles and practices of key applicator utilizers including farm cooperatives, fertilizers and herbicide suppliers.
Soil science and crop nutrient principles- Training in soil as a natural resource and principles of resource conservation management as well as knowledge of nutrients for healthy, productive crops.
Chemical properties of fertilizers and pesticides- Understand principles of crop protection and pest control and impact of commonly used fertilizer and pesticide materials.
Proficiency with water runoff properties - Understand maximizing water usage and water flow on soil and crops.
Weed control - Understanding of the tools available for weed control.
Weather patterns - Understanding of the state of the atmosphere (troposphere) and its impact on the degree to which it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy.