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Application Developer (Software Developer, Applications)

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

4 skill sets | 13 total skills
Participates in and supports the creation of product, platform, and/or software development life cycles by assisting Principal Developer and team with initial determination of applicable specifications, requirements, systems, and concepts to produce the desired output
Participates in the implementation of development life cycles and specifications, including supporting of mapping out work plans, under supervision
Supports the creation of tools and languages needed per output in the work plan, under supervision
Participates in supporting Principal Developer to establish overall project goals with senior and other key team members primarily, as well as any external project members, as applicable
Supports project team members with team consultations that determine end product's feasibility in economic, operational, and technical areas
Assists with offering and applying technical and cost- effective approaches for mitigating risks at the end result, under direction from Principal Developer; and communicates any potential questions or concerns based on preliminary assessments
Supports the Principal Developer and team with mapping out requirement specifications; communicates with other key team members
Coordinates with the Project Manager to communicate desired requirements and objectives clearly to other team members such as the User Experience (UX) team, Quality Assurance (QA) testers, etc.
Ensures proper use of desired Software Requirement Specification (SRS), and clearly defines and documents the product requirements, under supervision
Supports the team/ QA testers in preliminary quality assurance requirements assessments & potential risk assessments, under supervision
Participates in and supports designing software or platform with the appropriate team
Supports the UX team, or appropriate team members, with software design and structure of the software as it relates to implementation, its data models, interfaces between system components, and if applicable, the algorithms used, under supervision
Participates in the identification and development of the best prototype suited for the project, if any; supports identification of appropriate languages, operating systems, and monitoring methods applicable for the final program
Supports the development and assembly of the software, platform, or product
Applies best practices to the company-specific source code management processes
Continues to support identifying program and project changes or newfound needs as the software or system is formed, apply such project changes or needs effectively under direction from Principal Developer or applicable team members
Participates in building the program using the appropriate languages and/or applicable development methods

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