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Application Support

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Woz U Enterprise
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

3 skill sets | 20 total skills
Monitoring & Management (Foundation) - 388 req. hrs
The apprentice will adhere to the organization's rules, responsibilities, policies, and basic workplace ethics. The apprentice will demonstrate basic principles of interpersonal communication and knowledge of the organization's basic structure and functions. The apprentice will follow established safety procedures. Knowledge of coding languages used by the organization.
Identifying and resolving technical issues, will be able to identify and demonstrate knowledge of the appropriate common office tools used to produce documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
The apprentice will be able to integrate organizational mission/goals and vision into work practices. The apprentice will use benchmarking and "best practices" to improve performance Delivering regular and customized training to teams within the business.
The apprentice will be able to prepare and deliver oral presentations that effectively convey information, concepts, and ideas through knowledge of how to review an application's code as part of a peer group.
The apprentice will be able to prepare a complete, accurate, and convincing formal report, on a technical subject, using standard formats and office tools. Providing technical support to teams within the organization, and to external clients when required.
The apprentice will be able to develop or update work processes or procedures in accordance with the organization's standards. Monitor Alert logs of computer systems performance to ensure optimum performance.
The apprentice will be an effective member of the team and be able to communicate effectively and develop effective communications techniques with others through their knowledge of the process of review and provide input to design specifications. 
Reporting & Incident Management (Test & Validate Applications) - 380 req. hrs
The apprentice will be able to demonstrate the process for developing a test plan for an application, including unit testing and integration tasks while providing entry to mid-level incident management for software maintenance or use.
Preparing maintenance plans and upgrading schedules for the organization’s systems.
Knowledge of how to evaluate, implement and document application enhancements. 
The apprentice will demonstrate knowledge of how to support user acceptance testing, classifying end user problems and prioritize requests.
The apprentice will be able to perform validation testing on new applications and follow up with clients to ensure the problem is resolved.
Maintain and update existing documentation describing system and library software capabilities.
The apprentice will be able to demonstrate how to interpret test results and make recommendations and develop reports for teams across the business.
Database & Security (Design & Develop Applications) - 510 req. hrs
The apprentice will be able to identify and demonstrate the application development process including coding, documentation, and testing through knowledge of common information security risks and threats.
Knowledge of how to perform system maintenance for application security and demonstrate the organization's design principles used for application development.
Verifying data conformance, accuracy and completeness, or adapt existing code to meet emerging requirements.
Perform system maintenance for application security.
Analyze project data to determine specifications or requirements while being able to identify and demonstrate the process to review and provide input for user documentation.
Ability to perform unit testing and support reworking of code and demonstrate the process to integrate feedback and recommendations into product development.

Technical Instruction

Computer Fundamentals - 12 req. hrs
Fundamentals of Computers: The Impact of Digital Technology; Computers and the Internet; Security and Ethics.
Programming Fundamentals – Part 1 - 18 req. hrs
Intro to Programming: Algorithms and Pseudo Code; Variables; Data Types; Operators; Intro to Functions; Collections – string, set, dictionary; Control Structure.
Programming Fundamentals – Part 2 - 24 req. hrs
Programming Fundamentals: Arguments; Types of Arguments; Variables and their Scope; Exception Handling; Modules and Packages; Libraries and Functions w.r.t. String and List; Intro to OOP; Class and Objects; Constructors; Class Diagram; Static Variables and Methods.
Database Management System - 18 req. hrs
Intro to DBMS: Entities and Relationships; SQL Commands and Data Types; Create, Read, Update, and Delete Tables; Functions, Joins, and Subqueries (Only Independent Subqueries); Intro to NoSQL.
Overview - 12 req. hrs
ITIL: Service Life Cycle; Service Desk; Dimensions of Service Management; Incident Management in Detail.
Unix Shell Scripting - 18 req. hrs
Unix: Basic Unix Commands; Shell Scripting.
Oracle DB and PL SQL - 18 req. hrs
Basics of Oracle DB: Introduction to PL/SQL; Introduction to Exception Handling and Subprogram.
Introduction to Application Operations Support - 18 req. hrs
Basics of Middleware: Introduction to the Various Administrative Tasks in MW; Administration using WebLogic, WebSphere, and Jboss.
Tomcat Administration and Java Application Support - 18 req. hrs
Tomcat Administration and Java Application Support: Introduction to Tomcat Application Server; Understanding Tomcat; Securing Tomcat; Deploying a WAR file in Tomcat; Monitor Tomcat Under Load; Tomcat Scaling and Performance Settings; Writing a Java Servlet Application for Tomcat.
Other Generic Skill Set – Alert Monitoring - 6 req. hrs
Introduction to Application Monitoring: Overview; Understanding Application Health Checks; Monitoring Tools; Introduction to Nagios; Understanding Alerts; Debugging and Troubleshooting Alerts; Escalation; Security in Application Monitoring.
Other Generic Skill Set – Job Monitoring - 3 req. hrs
Introduction to Job Monitoring: Understanding Job Health Checks; Managing Jobs.
Other Generic Skill Set – Application Health Check - 3 req. hrs
Application Health Check: Understanding Smoke Tests; Manual Application Health Checks.
Other Generic Skill Set – Soft Skills - 6 req. hrs
Soft Skills: Critical Thinking; Written Communication; Verbal Communication; Evaluating Evidence; Conflict Resolution; How Culture Plays a Role.
Set up an Azure Machine Learning workspace - 36 req. hrs
Create an Azure Machine Learning workspace, manage data objects in an Azure Machine Learning workspace, Manage experiment compute contexts.
Run experiments and train models - 45 req. hrs
Create models by using Azure Machine Learning Designer, Run training scripts in an Azure Machine Learning workspace, Generate metrics from an experiment run, Automate the model training process.
Optimize and manage models - 25 req. hrs
Use Automated ML to create optimal models, Use Hyperdrive to rune hyperparameters, Use model explainers to interpret models, Manage models.

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