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Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Tree Care Industry Association
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

8 skill sets | 43 total skills
Adhere to ANSI and employer safety standards for all work - 450 req. hrs
Inspect, maintain and use the appropriate personal protective equipment
Inspect, maintain and use the appropriate tool, equipment or vehicle
Assess trees for defects and hazards
Establish and maintain safe work sites and zones
Demonstrate safety practices unique to working aloft
Comply with federal and state occupational safety and health regulations
Identify common trees and shrubs in the employer’s region - 180 req. hrs
Perform rigging on the ground and aloft - 540 req. hrs
Determine the removal plan
Estimate the maximum load weight based on equipment available
Install and use a rigging system to lower the load directly to the ground
Install and use a rigging system to move the load laterally
Access trees safely. - 900 req. hrs
Perform pre-work inspection of all equipment
Perform a pre-work inspection of the tree and site
Demonstrate appropriate use of personal fall protection equipment for work aloft
Access tree canopy
Position to work aloft
Maneuver safely through canopy; avoid electrical and other hazards
Properly retrieve and stow all gear and equipment
Operate a chain saw on the ground and aloft, and perform field maintenance - 720 req. hrs
Safely start and control the chain saw
Perform brush cutting
Perform felling
Perform limbing and bucking
Cut wood under tension and compression
Perform removal cuts
Perform pruning cuts
Safely secure and transport the chain saw
Perform field maintenance
Operate a chipper - 270 req. hrs
Prepare brush and wood
Position the chipper
Chip brush and wood
Prune trees and shrubs from the ground and aloft, according to ANSI A300 - 900 req. hrs
Interpret an ANSI A300 pruning specification, and to convert the specification into a work order
Address the following pruning objectives: reduce hazards, improve aesthetics, provide clearance, and improve structure
Perform pruning cuts using the appropriate hand tools and pole tools
Perform a correct branch reduction cut
Perform a correct branch removal cut
Accurately prune without cutting into the collar or branch bark ridge
Accurately prune when there is a narrow angle of branch attachment
Prune using a 3-cut method to avoid damage and tearing
Perform pruning of shrubs
Remove trees and shrubs - 720 req. hrs
Remove limbs
Remove trunk sections
Fell trunks or entire tree

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