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Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Boilermakers National Joint Apprenticeship Board
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 29 total skills
Care and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment - 100 req. hrs
Learning names of Tools and Equipment
Learning the use of Tools and Equipment
Care and Maintenance
Handing out tools and inventory
Rigging and Bull Gang - 1000 req. hrs
Unloading and Handling
Use of Hoisting Equipment: Come-along/Chain falls/Erection and dismantling derricks and cranes/Working with derricks and cranes/Use of signals and safety
Use of Tackle: Block and tackle/Chokers, cables and slings/Proper use of knots and splicing/Proper use of clamps/Safety
Moving Pieces: Rollers/Levers/Use of tackle, come-along and chain falls/Safety
General Erection - 1000 req. hrs
Steele Erection in our jurisdiction: Designating location of members/Raising in place/Use of spud-wrench, bull, and drift-pins, wedges, clips, and saddles/Alignment/Use of level, plumb, tape and rule
Connecting: Drilling, reaming, chipping, caulking and grinding/Bolting up/Welding (tack)/Riveting
Setting Drums and Headers: Use of hoisting equipment and tackle/Use of water level, plumb, and measuring devices
Tube Installations - 400 req. hrs
Entering: Use of come-along and entering devices/Lipping
Setting and Aligning: Use of spacers/Use of strong backs
Getting Proper Stock: Signals (sound and light)/Come-along/Piece of stock/Boiler code
Rolling: Use of erectors’ guides, or proper selection of the following: Expanders, rollers, pins, and mandrels
Use of rolling machines: Pneumatic, electric and ratchet/Lubricants
Testing: Visual/Water (Use of hydrostatic pump)/Air/Use of gauges
Use of prints - 200 req. hrs
Locating parts and unloading
Moving parts to job location
Parts to be hoisted into position
Use of benchmark
Layout - 200 req. hrs
Use of precision measuring devices
Marketing for correction, re-cutting and fitting
Directing, cutting, and fitting of parts
Geometric measuring of parts, tube holes, etc.
Working with foreman
Welding and Cutting - 3000 req. hrs
Any and all forms of electric welding: Proper adjustment machines/Application and use of electrodes on all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous/Metal spraying and hard facing
Acetylene: Proper adjustment, gauges and torch/Selection of tips/Handling of torch and application/Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Technical Instruction

Rigging and Boilermaker Safety - 12 req. hrs
Protective Clothing
Safety with Lifting Equipment
Safety with Ladders and Staging
Safety with Tools
Fire Preventions and Control
Applied Math I - 12 req. hrs
The Language of Math
Place Value
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Multiples and Factors
Negative Factors
Other Number Concepts
Operating with Signed Numbers
Axioms and Laws
Applied Math II - 12 req. hrs
Types of Fractions
Operations with Fractions
Decimal Fractions
Equivalent Decimals
Operation with Decimals
Applied Math III - 12 req. hrs
Changing a Percent to a Decimal
The Three Percentage Cases
Fractural Percent’s
Calculating with Approximate Numbers
Prime Numbers
Exponents and Radicals
Applied Math IV - 12 req. hrs
Basics of Algebra
Basics of Plane Geometry
Basics of Solid Geometry
Triangulation (Trigonometry)
Applied Math V - 12 req. hrs
Review of Decimals
Angular Measurements
Formulas and Equations in Review
Signs of Operations
Applied Metric Math - 12 req. hrs
Math Aids
Metrics (SI) in the United States
Advantage of Metrics
Metric (SI) Conversions
Metrics (SI) in Shop or Field
Metrics for the Boilermakers/Welder
The Transition Period and the Future of Metrics
Rigging: Basic Principles - 12 req. hrs
Basic Rigging Concepts
Simple Tools
Rigging: Ropes - 12 req. hrs
Wire Rope
Fiber Rope
Rigging: Tools - 12 req. hrs
Rigging Hardware
Hoists and Winches
Skids, Rollers, Jacks and Cribbing
Ladders and Scaffolding
Rigging: Cranes and Other Lifting Equipment - 12 req. hrs
Mobile Cranes
Tower Cranes
Monorails and Underhung Cranes
Overhead Cranes
Helicopter Cranes
Rigging: Equalizing and Distributing Loads - 12 req. hrs
Distributing Weight to the Rigging
Basic Methods of Equalizing and Distributing Loads
Strength and Stability During Operation
Mechanical Drawing: Tools and Lettering - 12 req. hrs
Equipment Lesson 2-1
Drafting Materials
Basic Techniques of Drafting
Styles of Lettering
Characteristics of Good Lettering
Tools of Lettering
Mechanical Drawing: Geometric Construction - 12 req. hrs
Methods of Bisecting a Straight Line
Bisecting an Arc
Drawing Perpendicular Lines
Drawing a Parallel Line to Another Given Line
Methods of Dividing a Line into Equal Parts
Drawing and Bisecting an Angle
Trisecting an Acute Angle
Finding the Center of a Circle
Bisecting an Angle with an Inaccessible Vertex
Constructing a Triangle Given its Three Sides
Polygon Construction Tangency
Constructing Tangent Lines and Arcs
Geometric Solids
Mechanical Drawing: Orthographic - 12 req. hrs
Theory of Projection and Drawings
Theory of Orthographic Projection
Multi-View Line Projection
Surface Projection
Line Description
Orthographic Drawing Techniques
Projecting the Views on Paper
Reading Orthographic Drawings
Conventional Procedures on Orthographic Drawings
Accepted Violations of True Projection
Treatment of Unimportant Intersections
Aligned Views
Conventional Procedure for Radially Arranged Features
Representations of Fillets and Rounds
Conventional Breaks
Conventional Method of Alternative Positions
Conventional Representation
The Orthographic Drawing Plate
Mechanical Drawing: Isometric and Oblique - 12 req. hrs
Pictorial Drawing
Isometric Projection
Isometric Drawing
Oblique Projection
Oblique Drawings
Mechanical Drawing: Dimensioning - 12 req. hrs
Theory of Dimensioning
The Language of Dimensioning
Units of Measurement Used in Dimensioning
Standard Dimensioning Practices
Dimensioning Application
Dimensioning Special views
Limit Dimensioning
Welding Symbols
Mechanical Drawing: Field Sketching - 12 req. hrs
Sketching Materials
Sketching Guidelines
Beginning Line Exercises
Multi View Orthographic Sketches
Orthographic Projection for Sketching
Pictorial Sketching
Oblique Sketching
Perspective Sketching
Layout Procedures and Techniques - 12 req. hrs
Hammers, Sledges and Mauls
Struck or Hammered Tools
Cutting Hand Tools
Taps and Dies
Holding Tools
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Boilermaker Hand Tools - 12 req. hrs
Layout Tools
Layout Work
Boilermaker Power Tools - 12 req. hrs
Electric Powered Tools
Air (Pneumatic Tools)
Tube Tools and Their Functions
Construction Materials I - 12 req. hrs
Basic Construction Material
Metal Production
Metal Processing Methods
Construction Materials II - 12 req. hrs
Mechanical Properties
Chemical Properties of Metal
Physical Properties of Metals
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics
Blueprint Reading: Structural - 12 req. hrs
Structural Steel
Structural Drawings
Drawing Structural Steel Shapes
Boiler Systems and Components I - 12 req. hrs
The Boiler
Fire Tube Boilers
Water Tube Boilers
Water Tube Boiler Components
Fuels and Fuel Burning Systems
Boiler Systems and Components II - 12 req. hrs
Boiler Circulation
Shop Assembled Boilers
Systems for the Pulp and Paper Industry
By Product Fueled Boilers
Waste Heat Boilers
Nuclear Power - 12 req. hrs
The Principles of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Fuels
Nuclear Reactors
Health Physics and Radiation Protection
Tanks, Vessels, and Other Components - 12 req. hrs
Field Erected Storage Tanks
Basic Construction Techniques
Stacks and Liners
Blueprint Reading: Boilermaker - 12 req. hrs
Erection Plans
How Blueprints are Made
Boiler: Installation - 12 req. hrs
Field Inspection
Shop Fabrication
Site Preparation
Erecting Structural Steel Supports
Installing the Steam Drum
Installing the Upper Headers
Installing the Down Comers
Installing Super-heater and Re-heater Modules
Installing Water Walls
Installing the Wind-Box
Installing the Suction Manifold
Installing the Pre-heater and Economizer
Installing Ductwork
Installing Lower Water-Walls
Additional Construction
Preparing the Boiler for Testing
Cleanliness of Boiler Components
Hydrostatic Testing
Installing Insulation and Casing
Boiler: Repair and Maintenance - 12 req. hrs
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics
Welding and Cutting: Basic - 12 req. hrs
Weld-able Metals
The Welding Process
Oxyfuel Gas Welding
ARC Welding
Resistance Welding
Thermit Welding
Brazing and Braze Welding
Electron Beam Welding
Laser Beam Welding
Cutting Processes
Welded Joint Design
Types of Welds
Welding Position
Welders and Welding Operators
Welding and Cutting: Blueprint Reading - 12 req. hrs
Welding Symbols
Non-preferred Symbols
Nondestructive Testing Symbols
Welding and Cutting: Safety - 12 req. hrs
General Welding and Cutting Safety
The Welding Environment
Fire Prevention and Protection
Tool and Equipment Usage
Other Safety Considerations
Safety in Welding and Cutting Processes
Gases Used in ARC Process
First Aid
Metallurgy: Welding - 12 req. hrs
Fundamentals of Metallurgy
Structure Metal
Metallurgy and Heat Training
Metallurgy of the Welded Metal
Welding Stresses, Warpage, Distorting, and Cracks
Metallurgy: Weld-ability of Metals - 12 req. hrs
Classifying a Code Systems for Metals
Identification of Metals
Filler Materials
Welding Characteristics of Metals and Alloys
ARC Welding: Equipment - 12 req. hrs
Power Sources
ARC Welding Consumables
ARC Welding: Shielded Metal I - 12 req. hrs
SMAW Procedure
Weld Joints
ARC Welding: Shielded Metal II - 12 req. hrs
Heat Effects in Shielded Metal ARC Welding
Shielded Metal ARC Welding of Ferrous Metals
Shielded Metal ARC Welding of Nonferrous Metals
Troubleshooting when Welding with the SMAW Process
ARC Welding: Gas Tungsten (TIG) - 12 req. hrs
GTAW Welding Techniques
Metals and Gas Tungsten ARC Welding
ARC Welding: Gas Metal ARC (MIG) - 12 req. hrs
Process Variations-Metal Transfer
Gas Metal ARC Welding Equipment
Consumable Used GMAW
GMAW Process Variables
Weld Bead Characteristics
Welding Procedures
Welding Conditions
Mig Weld Defects-Their Causes and How to Correct Them
MIG Spot Welding
Vapor Shielded ARC Welding
ARC Welding: Other Processes - 12 req. hrs
Flux Cored ARC
Plasma ARC Welding
Cutting: Oxyfuel I - 12 req. hrs
Equipment and Supplies
Manual Cutting Procedures
Cutting in Steel Plate
Machine Torch Cutting
Cutting: Oxyfuel II - 12 req. hrs
Quality of Cutting
Miscellaneous Uses of the Oxyfuel Gas Flames
Oxyfuel Gas Welding
Cutting: ARC - 12 req. hrs
Air Carbon ARC Cutting (AAC)
Carbon ARC Cutting (CAC)
Oxygen ARC cutting (OAC)
Plasma ARC Cutting (PAC)
Metal ARC Cutting (MAC)
Welding: Special Applications and Techniques - 12 req. hrs
Stud Welding
Tube and Pipe Welding
Field Erection of Pressure Vessels and Boilers
Field-Welded Storage Tanks
One-Side Welding
Underwater Welding and Cutting
Weld Repair and Surfacing
Welding: Design, Testing, and Inspection - 12 req. hrs
The Design of Welded Joints 1

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