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Bus Driver

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

3 skill sets | 38 total skills
Coach Operator Equipment Proficiency Certification (coach equipment) - 650 req. hrs
Van, Transit Bus, Articulated Transit Bus
Diesel Bus, Hybrid Electric Bus
Vehicle Axles 2, Vehicle Axles 3
Automatic Transmission
Brakes: Air, Anti-Lock
Coach Operator Performance Evaluation - Service Delivery - 700 req. hrs
Safety Belt
Dress Code
Call Stops
Customer Courtesy/Service
Merges Safely
Lane Changes
Lane Selection
Aiming High/Anticipates Traffic Hazards
Following Distance Freeway (FWY)/Expressway(EXPY)/City
Mirror Checks City/FWY
Turns: Set-up/Speed/Steering Control/Mirror Use/Side Clearance
Speed for Conditions
ADA Compliance
3-1/2 Feet Right Side Clearance
Yields to Bicycles/Pedestrians/Vehicles
Proper Signal
Braking Smooth/Feathers/Multiple App.
Intersection Scanning
Complete Stop Behind Limit Line
Complete Stop At Railroad Crossings
Speed In/Out of Coach Stops
Mirror Use In/Out of Coach Stops
Side Clearance In/Out of Coach Stops
Complete Stop Before Opening Doors
Watch Doors Open and Close
Parked With Wheels Curbed
Parked: In Neutral with Parking Brake Set
GFI: Fare Collection/Fare Media Tally
Coach Operator Professionalism: Technical Street Skills - 325 req. hrs
Juggling multiple priorities on the job
Comfortable with equipment, routes, fares
Answers routine passenger questions; executes basic passenger assistance tasks
Follows basic safe work practices and procedures in coach operation
Follows standard operational/communications procedures in coach operation

Technical Instruction

Optional - DMV - 120 req. hrs
Attain commercial permit- prep for written exams
Attain commercial license-complete drive test tDMV standards
Attain original VTT Card/transit card, if needed - meet minimum hours
New Operator Training - 100 req. hrs
DMV Legal Regulations
Transit Operations
Administrative (benefits, payroll, attendance, uniform, medical)
Customer Service Internal relationships, code of conduct (supervision, dispatch, OCC)
Maintaining your physical and mental health
Safety and Security
Technical Proficiency

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