Business Analyst

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
T-Mobile Corporation
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

14 skill sets | 14 total skills
Demonstrate working knowledge of all data systems/tools
Gather and analyze data and develop solutions or alternative methods of proceeding
Create, maintain and validate reports
Communicate clear insights and make sound recommendations to business leaders
Gather and organize information on problems or procedures
Solve complex customer issues for business efficiencies
Confer with personnel concerned to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures
Review forms and reports and confer with management and users about format, distribution and purpose, identifying problems and improvements
Design, evaluate, recommend and approve changes of forms and reports
Design and build business metrics scorecards
Build, maintain and manage permissions for doc-share and/or web sites
Demonstrate understanding of policy/processes, and impact to the business.
Manage and execute projects and business initiatives
Creating cross functional relationships to execute complex customer resolutions

Technical Instruction

Foundational Skills
Metrics: Basic – Advanced; Systems & Tools, Resources: Basic – Advanced; Understanding Business Segments; Understanding Customer Experience
# | 25 hrs
Microsoft Office Suite
Word: Basic – Intermediate; Excel: Basic – Advanced; PowerPoint: Basic – Intermediate; OneDrive: Basic – Intermediate; Teams: Basic – Intermediate; Outlook: Basic – Intermediate
# | 40 hrs
Change Management Basics – The people side of change management; Facilitation – Communication Skills Training; Top 11 Skills of an Effective Facilitator; Presentation Skills: Basic - Intermediate
# | 20 hrs
Everyday Leadership; Why good leaders make you feel safe; Happy People, Bottom-Line Results, and the Power to Deliver Both; 5 ways to lead in an era of constant change; Leadership Foundations; Conflict Resolution
# | 10 hrs
SharePoint & Forms
Designing and Creating SharePoint Sites; Managing permissions in SharePoint; Designing and Creating Forms
# | 5 hrs
Project Management Basics
Introduction to project management, stakeholders and scope; Introduction to schedule planning
# | 6 hrs
Querying Software Basics
Structured Query Language (SQL)/Teradata; Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel; Tableau
# | 10 hrs
Data Analysis and Storytelling
Data Visualization; Balanced Scorecard Basics; Data Analysis Basic Concepts
# | 20 hrs