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Butcher, All-Round

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

12 skill sets | 77 total skills
Safety - 200 req. hrs
Receiving Livestock for slaughter - 500 req. hrs
Identification of animals
Identification of sick or injured animals
Placement of animals in proper holding pens
Insuring ownership of animals received
Cleaning of holding pens and animals prior to slaughtering
Slaughter of livestock - 1200 req. hrs
Safety and humane conditions exist
Skinning procedures
Breaking carcasses
Recovery of offal
Beef Slaughter - 2000 req. hrs
Unloading cattle
Salting hides
Cattle knocking
Cattle shackling
Cattle sticking and bleeding
Cattle head skinning and removing
Handling beef offal
Opening paunches and cleaning tripe
Cleaning beef casings
Washing and shrouding cattle
Break hind legs
Opening up cattle and removing viscera
Skinning of sides, flanks and shoulders
Rumping and backing cattle
Dropping hides and splitting necks
Scoring and splitting rumps
Finish splitting cattle
Hog Slaughter - 2000 req. hrs
Unloading hogs
Shackling hogs
Dropping hogs
Scalding hogs
Taking out leaf lard
Shaving hogs
Cutting tongues out of heads
Boning hog heads
Dropping heads
Opening hogs and removing viscera
Splitting hogs
Boning Cattle - 1000 req. hrs
Breaking cattle
Sawing beef plate
Cutting rib from chuck
Taking front shank off
Removing and boning neck
Removing beef from blade bone
Removing all bones from chuck
Boning out spencer roll
Removing all bones from rib
Sawing round from loin
Removing beef fillet
Removing loin butt
Removing loin strip
Removing aitchbone from round
Removing and boning shank
Removing and boning round
Pork Cutting - 1000 req. hrs
Cleaning pigs’ feet
Sawing feet off
Sawing shoulders off
Scribing pork loins
Sawing hams off
Squaring bellies
Taking out neck bones
Squaring shoulders
Removing ribs from bellies
Pulling pork loins
Rimming hams for curing
Boning and trimming hams and shoulders for processing
Veal - 300 req. hrs
Breaking of carcass
Lamb - 400 req. hrs
Breaking of carcass
Turkeys - 200 req. hrs
Handling of fresh birds
Smoked and cured
Lard - 200 req. hrs
Sanitation - 600 req. hrs
Proper cleaning of work area
Proper handling and care of tools
Care and cleaning of blocks, saws and cooler
Refrigeration machines
Care of slicer, grinder, electric saws

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