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Calibration Laboratory Technician

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

11 skill sets | 31 total skills
Pressure Calibration - 1500 req. hrs
Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of pressure units and their conversions (100 hours).
Calibrate and repair Bourdon tube, bellows and diaphragm element, and other electro/mechanical pressure sensing devices, including U-tube manometers, dial manometers, simplex gauges, vacuum gauges, compound gauges, differential pressure gauges, depth gauges (submarine), absolute pressure gauges, barometers, altimeters, Pirani gauges, pressure regulators, pressure transducers, pressure switches, cassion gauges (700 hours).
Troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate liquid level indicating systems as follows: closed systems, pneumatic systems, and electrical systems (150 hours).
Operate and maintain pressure calibration standards and equipment: (Calibrate items marked with an asterisk *) pressure panels, standard gauges*, portable calibrators*, absolute pressure calibration systems, quartz gauges, pressure transfer standards, pressure chambers, vacuum chambers, pressure pumps, pressure booster, gauge cleaning systems, fluid separators, and deadweight testers (500 hours).
Perform decontamination of dead-end and bleeder type pressure sensing elements (50 hours).
Temperature Calibration - 1200 req. hrs
Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of temperature nits and their conversions (100 hours).
Calibrate and repair direct and indirect reading temperature instruments and temperature actuated switching devices as follows: liquid in glass thermometers, bimahalic thermometers, distant reading thermometers, recording temperature devices, thermocouples, resistance thermometers, pyrometers, temperature switches, temperature controllers (600 hours).
Operate and maintain temperature calibration standards and equipment: (Calibrate items marked with an asterisk*) temperature baths, portable temperature comparators, millivolt potentiometer, resistance thermometer bridge, resistance box, thermocouple simulator*, resistance thermometers*, digital thermometer, digital multimeters (500 hours).
Dimensional Calibration - 1200 req. hrs
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of dimensional measurement concepts, measuring tools, and basic interferometry (100 hours).
Calibrate dimensional instruments as follows: (Repair items marked with an asterisk *) inside/outside micrometers*, thread micro-meters*, depth micrometers*, thickness (feeler) gauges, dial indicators*, plug gauges, thread plug gauges, bore gauges, master setting plugs, master setting snap gauge, precision levels, beveled protractors, straight edges, vernier height gauges (600 hours).
Operate, employ, and maintain dimensional calibration standards and equipment as follows: (Calibrate items marked with an asterisk *) standard inside micrometer sets*, standard outside micrometer sets*, standard screw thread micrometer sets*, standard depth micrometer gauges*, micrometer maintenance kits, supermicro-meter*, gauge block sets, gauge block maintenance kits, optical glats, monochromatic light, surface plates, dial indicator calibrator*, electronic height gauge*, optic vernier height gauge*, standard bore gauge set*, measuring irons, parallels (500 hours).
Rotational Calibration - 400 req. hrs
Repair and calibrate rotary motion indicating devices as follows: centrifugal tachometers, vibrating reed tachometers, photoelectrical tachometers, chrometric, tachometers, and electric tachometers (300 hours).
Operate and maintain rotary motion calibration standards and equipment as follows: tachometer testers, photoelectric pick-off, universal timer counters, speed reducers and increasers (100 hours).
Flow Calibration - 200 req. hrs
Repair and calibrate flow measuring instruments as follows: positive displacement flow meters, variable area flow meters, laminar flow elements, turbine flow meters, viscometers(100 hours).
Operate and maintain flow calibration standards and equipment as follows: portable standard flowmeters, variable area flowmeter standards, rotameter tubes (100 hours).
Torque Calibration - 600 req. hrs
Repair and calibrate torque tools as follows: audible signal torque wrenches, flexible beam torque wrenches, rigid frame torque wrenches, torque watch torque wrenches, torque screw-drivers, pneumatic torque tools (420 hours).
Operate and maintain torque standard and equipment as follows: (Calibrate item marked with an asterisk *) torque testers*, torquetester leaders, slotted weight sets, radius arms, torque tool sealant kits (180 hours).
Humidity Calibration - 200 req. hrs
Repair and calibrate humidity indicating instruments as follows: psychrometers, humidigraphs, and dew point indicators (75 hours).
Prepare humidity standard solutions with magnesium, sodium, and lithium chloride (50 hours).
Operate and employ humidity chambers (75 hours).
Force Calibration - 200 req. hrs
Repair and calibrate force indicating instruments as follows: force gauges, lever arm force gauges (100 hours).
Operate force calibration standard and equipment as follows: scale dynamometers, force indicators, load cells (100 hours).
Mercury Handling - 500 req. hrs
Utilize, store, and handle free mercury and mercury bearing equipment in accordance with established safety procedures (250 hours).
Decontaminate and test equipment/areas which are mercury contaminated (100 hours).
Operate and maintain the following mercury decontamination equipment: mercury vapor sniffer/analyzer, mercury vacuum cleaner (100 hours).
Prepare mercury neutralizing agents (50 hours).
Miscellaneous Calibrations - 300 req. hrs
Calibrate and repair combustible gas indicators utilizing standard gases (100 hours).
Calibrate and repair leak detectors S (50 hours).
Calibrate hydrometers using standard hydrometers and solutions (1200 hours).
Repair Procedures - 1000 req. hrs
Utilize the following procedures to design, manufacture, fabricate, or repair parts of measuring instruments and equipment: prepare schematic diagrams and sketches,fabricate special fittings, manufacture special tools, solder wiring and metals, braze metals, harden metals, and temper metals, operate bench grinders, operate drill presses, and operate precision lathes, troubleshoot special DC circuits, troubleshoot DC circuits, troubleshoot DC parallel circuits, troubleshoot AC circuits, and make resistance checks (850 hours).
Utilize ultrasonic and industrial cleaning equipment (140 hours).

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