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Career Development Technician

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Adecco NA Group
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

10 skill sets | 46 total skills
Communicate Professional Knowledge
Apply basic principles of group work and facilitation cooperative learning, conflict resolution and behavior management
Apply "best practices" from a workforce development approach
Communicate with candidates also referred to as associates directly and through the Expression of Attitude
Effectively communicate with associates and facilitate discussion one-on-one and in groups
Demonstrate effective listening skills by listening to what other people are saying and asking appropriate questions
Apply skills helping skills principles (e.g., confidentiality, problem solving, and conflict resolution and referrals)
Demonstrate concern about the well-being of others interest in feelings and experiences of others; support the self-esteem of others
Demonstrate a belief in the potential and empowerment of all associates
Demonstrate awareness of commonalities and differences (such as gender, race, ethnicity, class and religion) among associates of diverse backgrounds and appreciation of differing talents, sexual orientation, and faith
Demonstrate knowledge of negotiating skills by addressing associates concerns and arriving at a win-win solution
Maintain appropriate "boundaries" (such as roles responsibilities, relationships and confidentiality) with associates
Demonstrate leadership qualities
Assessment/Individual Planning
Observe and talk with associates to assess individual goals, interests, concerns and competencies, and to do so with an appreciation of their community context
Prepare next steps with associates in achieving individual career goals
Select, administer and interpret standardized assessment instruments for assessing individual interests and competencies
Demonstrate ability to recognize individual strengths and barriers which may affect career activities
Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of usefulness of formal assessments
Qualify candidates against pre-determine standard requirements
Program Design and Delivery
Apply "best practices" models to the design, implementation continuous improvement and evaluation of organizational programs and practices to make it more effective
Enters and tracks assignments and associate information in Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Completes the hiring/onboarding process in accordance with client/employer requirements
Initiate, enable, and sustain group interactions and relationships through the completion of an ongoing activity or project
Foster and promote multi-cultural understanding
Relationship to Community
Demonstrate a willingness to search for and retain information about communities with cultural and economic backgrounds different from their own
Maintain relationships and demonstrate working knowledge of non-center partner organizations
Demonstrate an awareness of the array, mission and referral processes of community agencies and organizations that serve associates and families
Administrative Skills
Maintain records (e.g., case notes, program data and other statistical records related to job placement and retention
Demonstrate ability to write effective reports, case studies, notes and letters
Demonstrate knowledge of time management strategies
Demonstrate knowledge of team development (e.g. identifying roles of team members)
Demonstrate knowledge and application of appropriate technologies to the task at hand (e.g., specific computer applications, internet)
Demonstrate knowledge and application of program objectives
Workforce Preparation
Assess career interests through the use of appropriate instruments, e.g., interest inventories, personality measures multiple aptitude or achievement batteries combined instruments
Assess job readiness of candidates through the evaluation of interview skills, job keeping skills, and social skills
Demonstrate ability to recognize strengths and barriers which may affect career training activities
Career Exploration
Utilize current labor market information, and other post-secondary information materials which assist business clients identify individual preferences and skills
Begin to build and maintain knowledge of target industries, employers, potential clients, and roles
Apply knowledge of education, training and resources that provides information about job functions, salaries, requirements and future outlooks
Resource Development
Create and maintain relationships with the educational systems, (e.g., secondary, post secondary and others)
Administers job postings in various systems
Conduct community assessments and identify under used resources to assist in providing employment, training and support services resources
Coordinate client/employer outreach with other workforce development agencies in the community and utilize employer advisory councils for education and workforce preparation programs
Client Relations
Coordinate job search activities with employment service staff, clients, and associates Creates and maintains relationships with clients to insure associate job retention
Builds and maintains relationships with clients Conducts intake calls Field and address client requests
Demonstrate conflict resolutions skills to resolve problems between clients and associates to increase client job retention
Have working knowledge of client needs and concerns
Monitor on the job performance to ensure associates' succession the workplace

Technical Instruction

Week 1: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Introduction to Staffing
Introduction to Adecco
Business Etiquette
Introduction to Pre-Screening
Introduction to Taking Phone Calls and Walk-ins
Week 2: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Applicant Tracking System
Introduction to Employee Files
Introduction to Candidate Assessments
Responding to Associate Payroll Calls
HR Hiring Practices
Week 3: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Talent Board
Interviewing and Reference Checking Rejection
Prioritizing Job Orders
Associate Care and Retention
Week 4: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Making a Hiring Decision
US Verify
New Hire Paperwork
Expectations for Your Role and Impact
Week 5: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Candidate Pipeline
Prioritizing Orders
Submitting Candidates
Assigning and Attaching to Orders
Candidate Recognition Programs
Week 6: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Customer Files
Background and Drug Screens
Overview of Contract
Admin Customer Audits
Processing Exceptions
Week 7: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
QPR Results
Payroll and PeopleNet
Counseling and Coaching Associates
Assignment Ends and Removals
Serving the Associate - Adecco Relationship
Week 8: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Job Postings
Mass Communication
Filling Volume Orders
Stepping Up Customer Service
Week 9: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Service Standards
Taking a Job Order
ATS Task List
Progress Calls
Week 10: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Conducting Client Visits
Associate Counseling/Coaching
Risk Management
Workers Compensation Insurance
Unemployment Insurance
Week 11: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
National Accounts
Payroll Best Practices
Working with Other Branches
Transferring Associates
National Customer Service
Week 12: Initial Training - 10 req. hrs
Branch Results
Goal Setting
Graduation Exercise
Recruiter Desk - 74 req. hrs
Call Planning for the Pros
Candidate Flow
Cost Containment
Perm Off the Desk
Introduction to the SCJO Recruiting Call Introduction to the SMC Marketing Call
Lead Generation and Candidate Re-Contact System Marketing and Servicing from the Desk
Qualifying Resumes
Quoting Bill and Pay Rates
Quoting Fees, Conversions, and Guarantees Special Time Request Process
Taking a Thorough Job Order
Trusted Advisor: Briefing and Debriefing Candidates Trusted Advisor: Briefing and Debriefing Clients Trusted Advisor: Matching and Submitting
Job Posting 2.0
Job Postings that Sizzle
Proactive Recruiting
Intro to the "A" Hiring Guide
The Recruiting Process
The Recruiting Basics
Visiting your Recruiting Sources
Automated Pay Bill System
Basic Payroll
Attracting and Retaining Talent
Assessing a Career Fit
Assignment Management
Aligning Recruitment to Job Requirements Understanding the QPR for Desk Colleagues Effective Ways for Reducing Workers Comp Claims Handling Unemployment
Office and Onsite Binders
Onsite Safety
Basic Invoicing and Reporting
ChoicePoint Adjudication Training
Adecco RNHT - 12 req. hrs
Field based live training
Recruiter HIT High Intensity Training - 24 req. hrs
At corporate office training facility
Administrative Skills - 80 req. hrs
Thinking Critically - 5 Classes
Microsoft Office - Beginner and Intermediate Excel - 11 Classes
Microsoft Office - Beginner and Intermediate Outlook - 12 Classes
Microsoft Office – Beginner and Intermediate Word - 12 classes
Human Resources - 82 req. hrs
Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring - 11 Classes
Recruiting and Retention Strategies - 8 Classes
Workforce Planning and Employment - 5 Classes
Strategies for Successful Employee On-Boarding - 3 Classes
Talent Management Essentials - 6 classes
Workforce Generations - 6 Classes
Employment Law at Work
Communication - 94 req. hrs
Business Writing Basics - 5 classes
Business Grammar Basics - 7 classes
Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact - 3 Classes
Email Essentials for Business - 4 Classes
Fundamentals of Cross Cultural Communication - 5
Classes Getting Results without Direct Authority - 6 classes
Building and Maintaining Trust - 4 classes
Optimizing Your Performance on a Team - 6 classes
Listening Essentials
Telephone Essentials for Business
Audience and Purpose in Business Writing
Social Media for Colleagues
Adecco Staffing - Linkedln Basics
Adecco Staffing - Twitter Basics Addressing and Redistributing Email
Customer Service - 30 req. hrs
EXCEL Customer Service
Customer Service Fundamentals - 8 Classes
Customer Advocacy - 3 classes
Top Notch Account Management
Are You Listening to Your Customers?
Time Management - 60 req. hrs
Time Management - 11 Classes
Achieve Productivity in Your Personal Life
Achieving Goals through Perseverance and Resilience
Aligning Goals and Priorities to Manage Time
Project Management for Everyone - 15 classes
Personal Development - 90 req. hrs
Developing Emotional Intelligence - 5 Classes
Doing Business Professionally - 5 Classes
Peer Relationships - 6 Classes
Perseverance and Resilience - 5 Classes
Performance Under Pressure - 3 classes
Diversity on the Job - 4 classes
Dealing with Organizational Change - 6 classes
Problem Solving and Decision Making - 8 classes
Acting with Integrity
Building Powerful Relationships to Get Better Results
Career Development Planning

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