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Cement Mason

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
International Masonry Institute (IMI) of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

31 skill sets | 31 total skills
Safe Use and Maintenance of Related Trade Tools and Equipment - 225 req. hrs
Use of Levels, Transits, and Lasers - 93.75 req. hrs
Set Screeds to Line - 525 req. hrs
Straightedge (Rod) and Bullfloat Concrete - 675 req. hrs
Float and Trowel Concrete to Different Finishes - 945 req. hrs
Exposed Aggregate - 75 req. hrs
Use of Colors and Other Toppings - 93.75 req. hrs
Layout Control Joints and Expansion Joints (Special Designs, Square, Diagonal, etc.) - 150 req. hrs
Use of Edgers and Jointers - 187.5 req. hrs
Pointing around Steel Encased in Concrete - 18.75 req. hrs
Patch Repair and Renovate Concrete - 37.5 req. hrs
Rub, Brush, and Acid Wash Concrete - 56.25 req. hrs
Dry-Packing and Grouting - 75 req. hrs
Set, Pour, and Finish Curb and Gutters - 150 req. hrs
Form, Pour, and Finish Sidewalk and Driveways - 150 req. hrs
Form, Pour, Strip, and Finish Steps - 56.25 req. hrs
Form and Pour Copings, Thresholds, Porches, Plinth-Blocks, etc. - 37.5 req. hrs
Apply Dryers and/or Operating Vacuum Mats - 18.75 req. hrs
Work Precast (Welding) - 30 req. hrs
Use of Epoxies, Polymers, and Bonding Agents - 75 req. hrs
Waterproofing and Waterproof Materials - 93.75 req. hrs
Gunite and Sandblasting - 18.75 req. hrs
Work Magnetite and Composition Asphalt and Mastic installations - 18.75 req. hrs
Work Architectural/Reinforced and Ornamental Concrete - 56.25 req. hrs
Clean and Seal Concrete Surfaces - 150 req. hrs
Running Troweling Machines - 225 req. hrs
Use of Laser Screeds - 56.25 req. hrs
Forming Valleys and Summits - 37.5 req. hrs
Stamping Concrete - 18.75 req. hrs
Use of Walk Behind Concrete Saw - 56.25 req. hrs
Traprock Topping Running Kelly Float - 18.75 req. hrs

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