Central Sterile Processing Technician

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
1199SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund MD/DC
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Req. Hours
Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 34 total skills
Conducts duties and tasks with professionalism in all work activities
Carries out all work duties in compliance with the employer’s mission, vision, values, philosophy, goals, objectives, policies and procedures
Demonstrates good attendance and on-time arrival to work place, meetings, and required events and trainings
Responds to requests in a timely manner, and utilizes time management skills
Maintains competency and yearly educational requirements for position
Complies with HR 525, Professional Appearance, policy by wearing a hospital badge and presenting a neat, clean, professional appearance at all times
Cleaning, decontamination and disinfection of surgical equipment and instruments
Maintain the work environment in a safe, clean and orderly fashion
Prepare working area for decontamination
Prepare quality tests to ensure proper equipment operation; repair, service or obtain professional vendor services as needed
Separate disposable from non-disposable items and dispose of expendable supplies properly
Prepare items for decontamination and conduct decontamination procedures
Preparation, packaging and sterilization of surgical equipment
Inspect items for cleanliness, functionality and integrity
Assemble items for packaging and sterilization
Transfer and sterilize items safely and accurately
Maintain personal health and safety as well as team/environment health and safety
Sterilize instruments and equipment properly, fully and in accordance with standard operating procedures and/or manufacturer recommendations (IFUs)
Prepare work are and test sterilizer function
Select appropriate sterilizer equipment, packaging and methods based on equipment,
instruments and standard operating procedures
Load sterilizer properly, use correct cycle settings
Ensure integrity and effectiveness of sterilization process
Store sterilized instruments and equipment properly
Manage inventory and restocking according to established protocols; participate in team and department functions
Maintain safe, clean and orderly storage environment
Stock, rotate, inspect, confirm, distribute and monitor usage of items
Demonstrate strong customer relations skills
Demonstrate effective communication and conflict management skills
Participate in department organization and functions
Maintain, clean, procure and distribute patient care equipment
Ordering, processing and receiving rental equipment
Assemble equipment for distribution
Deliver equipment as per company policies and protocols
Maintain and inspect equipment, and send for repair as necessary
Maintains strong customer and communication skills
Shows ability to work well in a team setting
Shows respect in personal interactions with colleagues, patients, family members and guests
Competent in conflict resolution skills
Communicates effectively with health care providers to ensure continuity and coordination of care, appropriate care delivery, and report patient safety concerns/issues
Attends and actively participates in meetings as required

Technical Instruction

Medical Terminology
# | hrs
CPR for Healthcare Worker
# | hrs
Physical Examination
# | hrs
Background Check
# | hrs
Drug screening
# | hrs
Technical Standards
# | hrs
Classroom Hours
Introduction to Central Service
# | 144 hrs
Medical Terminology for Central Service Technicians
# | 144 hrs
Anatomy for Central Service Technicians
# | 144 hrs
Microbiology for Central Service Technicians
# | 144 hrs
Regulations and Standards
# | 144 hrs
Infection Prevention
# | 144 hrs
Decontamination; Point of Use Preparation and Transport
# | 144 hrs
Cleaning and Decontamination
# | 144 hrs
# | 144 hrs
Surgical Instrumentation
# | 144 hrs
Complex Surgical Instruments
# | 144 hrs
Assembly and Packaging
# | 144 hrs
Point of Use Processing
# | 144 hrs
High-Temperature Sterilization
# | 144 hrs
Low Temperature Sterilization
# | 144 hrs
Sterile Storage and Transport
# | 144 hrs
Monitoring and Recordkeeping for Central Service
# | 144 hrs
Quality Assurance
# | 144 hrs
Managing Inventory within the Central Service Department
# | 144 hrs
The Role of Central Service in Ancillary Department Support
# | 144 hrs
The Role of Information Technology in Central Service
# | 144 hrs
Safety and Risk Management for Central Service
# | 144 hrs
Success Through Communication
# | 144 hrs
Personal and Professional Development for Central Service
# | 144 hrs
Blood-Borne Pathogens, Soiled Item Transport, Safety (e.g. Chemical Handling, Sharps), Manual Instrument Cleaning, Mechanical Cleaning (e.g. Washers, Ultrasonic Cleaners), Decontamination Area Disinfection Processes, Interpreting Manufacturer’s IFUs (e.g. Device Cleaning, Equipment Operation, Chemical, Enzymatics/Detergents, Current Measurements/Concentration, Soak Time), Item Receiving & Traceability
# | 120 hrs
Preparing & Packaging Instruments
Identification, Inspection/Testing of Instruments, Inspection/Testing of Containers & Wrapping Material, Assembly, Packaging Techniques, e.g. Pouches, Flat Wraps, Rigid Containers), Labeling
# | 120 hrs
Sterilization & Disinfection
High Temperature Sterilization Processes, Low Temperature Sterilization Processes, Logging & Record Keeping, e.g. Sterilization/ HLD, Biologicals/Incubation), Handling & Putting Away of Sterile Supplies, Automated/Manual Disinfection, Trouble Shooting, e.g. Aborted/Failed Cycles, Wet Loads, Repairs)
# | 96 hrs
Storage & Distribution
Clean & Sterile, Handling & Putting Away of Sterile Supplies, Rotating Supplies, Inventory & Restocking Carts/Shelves, e.g. Inventory Systems, Par Levels), Event Related Shelf Life / Expiration Dating, Cleaning Storage Shelves, Case Carts, e.g. Assembly, Pick Lists & Locator Systems)
# | 24 hrs
Quality Assurance Processes
Interpreting Manufacturer’s IFUs, e.g. Devise Inspection & Testing, Sterilizers), Standards, Regulations, Policies & Procedures, Documentation & Record Keeping, e.g. Management, Area Cleaning), Quality/Functionality Testing Processes, e.g. Sterilizer, Washer Testing, HLD)
# | 24 hrs