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Chief of Party

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
International Union of Operating Engineers
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

13 skill sets | 13 total skills
Completion of Surveyor Assistant Instrument Work Processes - 4000 req. hrs
Use and care of survey instruments - 1000 req. hrs
Use and care of levels - 500 req. hrs
Use and care of survey instruments and other special equipment - 200 req. hrs
Notes and sketches - 200 req. hrs
Calculations - 250 req. hrs
Reductions - 200 req. hrs
Conversions - 200 req. hrs
Maps - 250 req. hrs
Plans - 250 req. hrs
Record keeping - 250 req. hrs
Job analysis for efficient field procedures - 440 req. hrs
First Aid - 8 req. hrs

Technical Instruction

Plane Surveying and Coordinate Geometry - 54 req. hrs
Principles of Coordinate Geometry
Survey Measuring Systems, Research, and Note Keeping
Advanced Coordinate Geometry - 54 req. hrs
Advanced Coordinate Geometry and Curve Calculations
Complex Field Problems and Accuracy Requirements
Field and Office Calculating Techniques
Laptop Surveying/Aerial Photogrammetry - 54 req. hrs
Laptop Surveying
Topographic Surveying: Analysis and Review
Plan Reading and Subdivision Surveying - 54 req. hrs
Introduction to Plan Reading
Grading Plans for Subdivision/Construction Projects
Subdivision Improvement Plans
Major Project Plans and Survey Layout - 54 req. hrs
Construction Plan Reading, Survey Control and Layout
Case Study of Multi-Story Building – Structural
Plans and Layout for Other Major Construction Projects
Control and Geodetic Surveying - 54 req. hrs
Triangulation and Trilateration
State Plane Coordinate System
Astronomy for Surveyors
Modern Positioning Systems
Dredging and Hydrographic Surveys
U. S. Public Land Surveys - 54 req. hrs
U. S. Public Land Surveys
Property Surveys

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