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CNC Set-Up Programmer-Milling and Turning

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 28 total skills
Demonstrates basics of measurement, materials, and safety of products and parts
Identifies and demonstrates use of machine safety and personal protective equipment
Demonstrates compliance with lock-out / tag-out procedures and OSHA requirements and guidelines
Handles and stores hazardous materials as assigned while adhering to safe practices in accordance with OSHA and EPA requirements and guidelines
Develops an inspection plan and inspects simple parts using precision tools and techniques while preparing reports on the compliance of the parts
Performs the inspection of parts
Follows a sampling plan to allow for process control
Analyzes the performance of a single-part production process
As a member of a process team, analyzes the performance of a production process
Conducts job planning, layout, and benchwork
Lays out the location of hole centers and surfaces with accuracy
Using aluminum or mild steel, hand drills and hand taps holes
Sets up and performs sawing to a layout
Develops a process plan for a part requiring milling, drilling, turning, or grinding
Operates manufacturing equipment
Sets up and operates machine tools to perform routine drilling operations
Sets up and performs squaring up the six surfaces of a block to within +/- .2 inch and .002 inch over 4.5 inches squareness
Sets up and operates vertical milling machines
Generates CNC programming and operates a milling machine
Using the principles of Cartesian coordinates, develops a program for the manufacture of a simple part
Creates a qualified CNC program, sets up and operates the mill, changes tool values as necessary, and replaces and qualifies tooling as necessary
Sets up and operates a CNC mill or CNC milling center
Writes sophisticated RS-274-D programs
Creates programs using a manufacturing modeling software package
Demonstrates CNC turning operations and operates a CNC lathe
Sets up and carries out, between centers and with chucks, turning operations
Uses the principles of Cartesian coordinates to develop a program for the manufacture of a simple part
Operates a CNC lathe or turning center
Writes sophisticated programs
Creates programs using a manufacturing modeling software package
Conducts general housekeeping and maintenance
Keeps the duty station, tools, workbenches, and manual equipment clean and safe for work
Inspects and assesses the general condition of an assigned machine tool
Inspects and assesses the condition of tooling

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