Community Health Nurse

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
VNA of Care New England
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 50 total skills
Interpersonal skills
Communicating with patients and their families
Communicating with physicians
Managing conflict at the point of care
Discussing end of life/advance directives
Communicating with members of the interdisciplinary team
Assessing a patient for risk of fall
Conducting medication reconciliation
Knowledge of high risk medications and potential side effects
Assessing the potential for skin breakdown
Ability to communicate errors related to patient care
Adult Physical Assessment
Assessing cardiovascular system
Accurately assessing lung sounds
Assessing nutritional status
Assessing the gastrointestinal system
Assessing cognition and mental status
Staging a decubitus ulcer
Assessing the patient with COPD
Assessing the patient with diabetes
Assessing the patient with CHF
Assessing the patient for depression or for worsening symptoms
Performing a pain assessment
Skills and equipment
Managing a gastrostomy tube
Managing a jejunonostomy tube
Managing a colostomy and appliance
Administering an enema
Performing percutaneous nephrosotomy care
Managing a suprapubic catheter
Inserting a foley catheter – male
Inserting a foley catheter – female
Performing foley care
Irrigating a foley catheter
Selecting appropriate dressing/wound care materials based on physician orders
Performing wound care to a decubitus ulcer
Performing wound care to a stasis ulcer
Applying compression wraps to lower extremities
Drainage and care of chest drainage valve or chest catheter drainage systems
Managing a wound with a negative pressure machine
Performing post - mortem care
Psychosocial Needs
Assessing abuse and neglect
Making referrals to social service agencies
Patient Education
Assessing receptiveness to teaching
Assessing health literacy
Educating the patient with COPD
Educating the patient with diabetes
Educating the patient with CHF
Evaluating patient knowledge using TEACH BACK method
Informatics and technology
Using Microsoft Outlook to manage emails
Using Microsoft Outlook to manage calendar
Using McKesson software to maintain electronic medical record
Assessing validity of internet resources

Technical Instruction

Patient-Centered Care
Every Visit Every Time
# | 32 hrs
VNA Mandatory training
# | 32 hrs
Safe Communication using SBAR
# | 32 hrs
Management of the Patient with Heart Failure
# | 32 hrs
Management of the Patient with COPD & Oxygen Safety
# | 32 hrs
Management of the Patient with Diabetes
# | 32 hrs
Management of the Patient with Depression
# | 32 hrs
Integrated Care Management (motivational interviewing, self-management, self-efficacy and goal setting)
# | 32 hrs
Creating a Culture of Safety
# | 18 hrs
Infection Control and Bag Technique
# | 18 hrs
Safe Patient Handling & Falls Prevention
# | 18 hrs
Medication Reconciliation & High Risk Medications
# | 18 hrs
Skin Care and Wound Therapy and
# | 18 hrs
Ostomy Care
# | 18 hrs
Informatics and Technology
Horizon Homecare McKesson Software Training (Beginner)
# | 20 hrs
Advanced Care Management
Cultural Diversity
# | 44 hrs
Health Equity Summit
# | 44 hrs
Case Management (Parts I and II)
# | 44 hrs
End of Life and Palliative Care
# | 44 hrs
Horizon Homecare McKesson Software Training (Advanced)
# | 44 hrs
Communication and Teamwork
Interpersonal communication: Perspective vs. perception
# | 12 hrs
Conflict Management and Resolution
# | 12 hrs
Interpersonal Communication: Giving and Receiving Feedback
# | 12 hrs
Quality and Performance Improvement
VNAA 5 Star Strategies
# | 14 hrs
OASIS Data Collection and Process Measures
# | 14 hrs
Ethical Issues in Nursing
# | 14 hrs
Evidence-Based Practice
Using Evidence and Research in Practice
# | 4 hrs