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Community Health Worker

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

9 skill sets | 30 total skills
Provides cultural mediation among individuals, communities and health and social service systems
Educates individuals and communities about how to use health and social service systems (including explaining how systems operate)
Educates health and social service systems and providers about community perspectives and cultural norms (including supporting implementation of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards
Expands health literacy among constituents served
Facilitates cross-cultural communication among individuals, communities and health/social service system workers
Provides culturally appropriate health education and information
Conducts health promotion and disease prevention education in a matter that matches linguistic and cultural needs of participants or community
Provides necessary information and support to help individuals and communities learn the etiology, pathology and likely outcomes of health conditions, as well as appropriate prevention and management strategies, including for chronic disease
Coordinates care, provides case management support and assists individuals and communities in navigating health and social service systems
Participates in care coordination or case management, including as part of a team
Provides referrals and follow-up support to ensure that services were obtained
Facilitates, obtains or coordinates transportation to services and helps ameliorate other barriers to services
Documents and tracks individual- and population-level data
Identifies and informs people and systems about community assets and challenges
Provides coaching and social support
Provides individual support and coaching
Motivates and encourages people to obtain care and other services
Supports self-management of disease prevention and management of health conditions, including chronic disease
Plans, organizes and/or leads support groups
Advocates for individuals and communities
Determines and advocates for the needs and perspectives of communities
Connects individuals and communities to resources and advocates for basic needs (e.g. food and housing)
Identifies policy influencers and opportunities and provides advocacy for positive policy changes, including by engaging individuals and communities in grassroots support
Helps build individual and community capacity
Assists individuals in building and expanding their personal capacity to identify and manage their health conditions, obtain services as needed, identify opportunities to help others, and represent their needs through communication and advocacy
Assists communities in building capacity by identifying resources, coordinating service and support providers, linking groups or systems that provide synergistic support, and implementing advocacy strategies to address unmet needs
Identifies and works with CHW peers to help others grow professionally, act ethically and meet the needs of the individuals and communities served
Provides direct health and social service assistance
Conducts and accurately reports and communicates results and implications of basic screening tests (height, weight, blood pressure, glucose level, etc.)
Provides basic health support services (e.g. first aid, diabetic foot checks)
Collects and distributes materials that meet basic needs (e.g. provides food, blankets, clothing to those in need)
Implements individual and community assessments
Participates in design, implementation and interpretation of individual-level assessments (e.g. home environmental assessment)
Participates in design, implementation and interpretation of community-level assessments (e.g. windshield survey of community assets and challenges, community asset mapping)
Conducts outreach to individuals, communities, service providers and groups
Identifies and recruits individuals, families and community groups to services and systems
Follows up on health and social service encounters with individuals, families and community groups
Conducts home visits to provide education, assessment and social support
Presents at local agencies and community events to share information and educate individuals and communities about health and social service concerns and resources

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