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Customer Service Representative

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
T-Mobile Corporation
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

31 skill sets | 46 total skills
Demonstrates the highest level of customer service with effective resolution
Demonstrates proactive account management
Delivers customer education
Determines and resolves root causes to customer concerns and inquiries
Identifies appropriate revenue and service enhancement opportunities
Explores customer needs to develop loyal and profitable customers
Makes payment arrangements and other collections activities when appropriate
Demonstrates world-class skills in courtesy, concern, timely resolution and relationship building
Demonstrates knowledge of the processes and products in their assigned line of business
Demonstrate proactive identification of issues
Handles inbound calls for large business customers
Handles offline interactions for large enterprise customers
Resolve customer inquiries primarily via the Messaging platform
Interact with customers via the phone and other written channels for customers and third party partners
Possess strong written and interpersonal skills
Create and file trouble tickets accordingly in collaboration with Engineering team
Follow-up to ensure resolution
Support the account billing and reporting needs
Adapt to the individual needs of their assigned customer base
Provide proactively business solutions to increase the overall health of the account
Serve as a vital member of the business customer support team
Maintain strong relations with cross-functional teams to drive solutions
Perform a wide array of both offline and inbound job responsibilities driven by the individual needs of their customer base
Respond to customer inquiries
Resolve customer escalations
Deliver customer solutions
Utilize boundless approach to resolution within the communities they serve
Develop Technical Solutions
Gather information on existing solution/application
Provide information on available products and services
Develop migration plans for new customers
Client Solicitation
Manage leads in a timely manner across wide geographical boundaries
Conduct discussions to learn and qualify opportunities
Understand customer pain points
Gather technical requirements
Correlate business value to customer
Ticket Management and Documentation
Work within existing task assignment and record-keeping systems
Open, respond, manage, and close tickets
Document resolution information
Update documentation on configuration and status of servers
Research passed resolutions and clean up notes/records on architecture and data flow diagrams or related documents
Develop and present on policies and standard operating procedures
Cold calling
Lead generation
Using social media
High-touch vs. client-driven interactions

Technical Instruction

Foundational Skills - 32 req. hrs
Introduction to Metrics
Introduction to Systems & Tools, resources
Understanding Business Customer Segments
Understanding the In-Store Experience
The Account Hub
Call Quality Basics
Path to Resolution
A Customer is Born - 2 req. hrs
The overall customer experience journey
Customer effort
Journey to resolution
Verification - 17 req. hrs
TFB Verification expectations
Steps to verify the account correctly
Understanding PINs & Passcodes
SIM cards & Fraud
Billing - 35 req. hrs
Billing Methods
Discounts & Credits
Billed Charges & Recalculation process
Understanding the Billing systems (Samson, Atlas, etc.)
Bill Recalculations
Understanding Bill Cycles
Credits, Adjustments & Negotiation Skills
Troubleshooting Promotions
High Balance Accounts
Payment Arrangements - 16 req. hrs
Payment Arrangements
Additional information about Credits & Adjustments
Account suspension statuses
Rate Plans, Services & Features - 24 req. hrs
Rate Plans
Billing for Rate Plans
Specific types of offers (e.g., - Smarshed, Roambee, T-Mobile Tuesday)
Business Rate Plans
Retention - 18 req. hrs
De-escalating situations/ Escalation Handling
Retention offers
Saving Customers
Difficult customer scenarios
Revenue - 11 req. hrs
Art of Creating Value (Understanding products and services)
Positioning of products and services (Family Mode & T-Mobile Money)
Device Programs - 16 req. hrs
T-Mobile’s product Line – devices
Device Set-up
Value Added Services
Warranty Exchanges - 14 req. hrs
Warranty exchanges
Insurance Claims
Troubleshooting warranties
Insurance versus Upgrades

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