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Dairy Technologist

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

13 skill sets | 37 total skills
Sanitation - 500 req. hrs
Cleaners and cleaning methods.
Cleaning, floors, ceilings, general plant equipment, including pest control
Receiving Room - 520 req. hrs
Sampling of milk for determination of quality and composition, care and protection of samples.
Operation, care and maintenance of can washers, filters, scales and conveyors.
Preparation of receiving room records.
Separator Room - 600 req. hrs
Set up, adjustment, operation, and clean up of separators and clarifiers.
Care of cream.
Pasteurization - 520 req. hrs
Setting up and operating pasteurizers.
Checking temperatures and duration of heating, determining results.
Performing operations necessary for the protection of milk and cream after pasteurization.
Care and operation of pumps and motors.
Cleaning up.
Churn Room - 600 req. hrs
Operation, cleaning, sterilization, and maintenance of churn.
Handling butter.
Keeping of churn room records.
Testing - Composition and Quality Control - 600 req. hrs
Milk testing for composition and quality control including fat, sediment, metheline blue and other composition and quality control tests relative to the products manufactured.
Farm contacts and field work.
Methods of approach.
Detecting sources and causes of milk quality failure, etc.
Preparing Ice Cream Mix - 600 req. hrs
Processing the mix
Cooling, and proper care of mix
Making Ice Cream - 400 req. hrs
Care and assembly of equipment
Preparation of flavors
Preparing equipment for operation
Temperature, texture, land oven-run control
Packaging, novelties, molds, etc.
Cleaning up
Pasteurization, Homogenizing, Standardizing Cream - 1500 req. hrs
Care, operation and maintenance of equipment
Packaging Milk and Cream - 500 req. hrs
Care, operation, and cleaning of bottle fillers, washers, etc.
Cooling and storing, control of washing and sterilization solutions.
Powdered Milk Department - 100 req. hrs
Care, operation and maintenance of equipment, roller or spray type.
Power Plant - 600 req. hrs
Firing, operation and maintenance of boilers, cars and operation of refrigeration equipment.
Care and maintenance of electric motors, pipe work necessary for installation, of pipe equipment including sanitary piping.
Records - 800 req. hrs
Milk sheet records and calculation.
Calculating costs and yields, receiving and shipping records, inventories and reports.

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