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Database Technician

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 38 total skills
Installs and configures database management systems and server software for database usage
Sets adequate user rights
Develops code using modern programming languages that connect DBS and API
Designs data distribution and data availability and backup procedures
Produces entity relationship and dataflow mapping, database normalization schemata and data table models
Plans and implement application and data provisioning
Applies basic security measures to configuring databases and servers including sanitization and counter-injection
Uses Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language as needed to establish and configure database and servers
Prioritizes work appropriately to meet deadlines, maintain focus, and solve complex tasks, seeking help as needed to address problems as they arise
Integrates measures to ensure privacy, confidentiality and data protection in adherence with state, federal and international rules and legislation and employers' best practices
Monitors organizational policies and procedures ensuring adherence to federal, state and international legislative requirements in order to implement and manage change
Communicates updates and issues with team members and clients in a professional manner, often in clear and non- technical ways
Supports maintenance of database management systems and server software
Designs data distribution and disaster recovery solutions to capture information needed for storage and future troubleshooting
Implements back-up and recovery methodologies to enable restoration capability in the event of an interruption or disaster
Documents and disseminates interruption and disaster recovery procedures
Plans and implements application and data provisioning to appropriate users, exercising high levels of customer service and clear forms of communication, as needed
Researches and stay current on technology
Optimizes hardware and software performance
Optimizes database instances, partitions, and access for performance
Implements and confirms database replication
Tests system and documents process protocols and results
Implements framework for logging and error handling
Plans and coordinates data migration and conversion between in house and cloud service
Identifies and confirms software, hardware, or environmental prerequisites for database conversion and migration
Plans effective strategies for extraction, conversion and loading pipeline
Prepares and transports data between servers and storage devices
Ensures seamless migration and conversion with minimal disruption
Validates data accuracy and integrity of migrated and converted data
Verifies and documents conversion and migration results
Tests and designs user rights
Manages and supports legacy systems
Monitors and optimizes database usage
Ensures appropriate security standards during migration and conversation processes
Secures server and network
Assesses network security threats and vulnerabilities
Configures perimeter to secure network
Installs, configures, and tests network security
Reviews logs and audit reports to identify and record security incidents, intrusions, or attempts
Analyzes and monitors server security and implement countermeasures (like patches and fixes) to address existing and potential vulnerabilities and threats
Determines, implements, and monitors encryption
Develops and implements security and confidentiality protocols
Tests and verifies design performance and user permissions

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