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Dental Assistant

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
West Los Angeles Community College
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Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

15 skill sets | 69 total skills
Ethics and Personal Appearance
Proper use of vocabulary
Proper use of grammar
Care of Dental Equipment and Office
Order supplies
Sterilization of fixed equipment
Chair-side Assisting
Adopting routine of dentist check list
Seat and prepare patients
Arrange instruments
Dental charting
Dental history
Instrument passing
Assist with high velocity suction
Passing medication prior to filling
Mixing filling material
Releasing patient
Clean-up after patient leaves
Set up for new patient
Greeting new patient
Dental Office Management
Good organization
No idle gossip or distracting talk with others but patient
Making appointments over telephone
Use of pegboard bookkeeping
Operation of telephone recorder
Maintain professional dignity
Dental Anatomy
Tooth eruption
Proper identification
Know abbreviations for charting
Know dental anatomy pathology
Dental Pathology
Includes all soft tissue intra and extra-oral
Observe all external face features
Note swellings
Note scars
Note pupils of eyes
Note fingernail beds
Note distended vessels
Note blood pressure
Note texture and color of skin
Bacteriology and Sterilization
Autoclave procedure
Cold sterilization
Cleaning of instruments
Use of special chemicals
Preparation of syringe-local
Correct temperature
Advice to patient to prevent self injury
Observe for any hyper-reactions
Dental Roentgenology
Periapical film procedure
Panolipse film procedure
Developing film procedure
Proper mounting of film
Basic X-Ray interpretation - able to recognize
Oral Hygiene of Pedondontra
Tooth brush instructions
Communications and psychological entertainment of patient
Demonstration of instruments
Diet and Nutrition
Be able to supply patients with diet information
Know carbohydrate chemistry and explain
Recognize predisposing factors
Suggest corrections
Inform and illustrate
Recognize basic dental drugs
Know side effects
Treatment of Emergencies
Acquire professional assistance
Know basic life support systems
Know CPR basics
Impression Material and Models
Assist in impression taking
Mix all impression material
Pour models

Technical Instruction

Apprenticeship Orientation - 10 req. hrs
This course will prepare an apprentice for the requirements of participating in and completing their apprenticeship, including topics such as record keeping of related instruction classes and on-the-job learning experiences, professional communication, time management, goal setting, self-advocacy and emotional intelligence, supervisor interaction preparation, growth mindset and training plans, building strong relationships, feedback and tough conversations, workplace conflict, and workplace safety and ergonomics.
Orientation to Dental Assisting - 10 req. hrs
This course will introduce students to the practice of dentistry and dental specialties. It covers topics such as: Professional and legal responsibilities and the roles of the dental auxiliary; responsibilities of the dental assistant, including oral communications, written communications and psychology; patient and office personnel communication and relations, proper charting, record keeping and professionalism.
Preclinical Chairside Assisting - 25 req. hrs
Beginning skills needed to assist in common dental procedures: Use of dental equipment and instruments; and manipulation of dental materials. Procedures include the initial examination, dental restorations, impressions and basic oral surgery.
Infection Control for the Dental Setting - 5 req. hrs
This course will enable students to comprehend and apply protection from infectious diseases important in dentistry. Instruction on disinfection, instrument decontamination, sterilization procedures and try set-up preparation will be given. Regulatory compliance agencies such as OSHA, CDC and ADA recommendations will be introduced. Hazardous material management, protocols and emergency procedures for hazardous and biohazard materials will be established.
Introduction to Dental Radiology - 15 req. hrs
This course will enable students to understand the principles and apply techniques of exposing and processing dental radiographs using infection control and universal precaution methods. Emphasis is placed on radiation safety and protection. This course will enable students to become proficient at intraoral radiographic techniques through laboratory practice. Manikins will be used for initial technique and instruction until 100% accuracy is achieved.
Dental Sciences for the Dental Assistant - 10 req. hrs
An overview of the embryologic development of the structures and soft tissues of the head, neck, teeth and oral cavity; histology of the hard and soft tissue of the oral cavity: Anatomy and morphology of teeth, the eruption sequence and process; normal occlusion , development and class of malocclusions; anatomy of the skull , arteries and veins, musculature and nervous structures of the head and neck: General pharmacologic principles: local anesthetic solutions, analgesic gases, and psycho sedatives.
Intermediate Chairside Assisting - 15 req. hrs
Students will apply knowledge and basic clinical skills learned in DA 105 and other related classes toward proficiency in performing dental assisting services. Emphasis will be on chair side assisting with coronal polishing, ultrasonic scaling for cement removal, restorative, oral surgery, orthodontia pedodontia, and periodontal surgeries.
Dental Seminar - 5 req. hrs
This course will enable students to discuss, problem solve and perform exercises centered on case reasoning for clinical dental assisting. Accumulated theoretical knowledge will be related to practical clinical application.
Medical Emergencies - 10 req. hrs
This course will enable students to recognize psychological or common medical conditions which could lead to an emergency situation in a dental office. Emphasis placed on prevention; to include a basic review of CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and obtaining and recording vital signs; assigned roles in the case of an emergency, as well as management and legal issues of an emergency response.
Practice Management - 10 req. hrs
Students will develop skills necessary to undertake front office responsibilities to include: purchasing, inventory and cost control of office supplies; accounts payable and receivable procedures; insurance billing procedures, HIPPA; treatment planning and case presentation; scheduling of appointments; resume and interviewing skills.
Dental Assisting Clinical Science - 15 req. hrs
Students will develop an understanding of Microbiologic and nutritional conditions related to dentistry; Principles of patient motivation and education: Etiology, process and prevention of caries and periodontal disease; Design and management of a plaque and oral disease control program; brushing flossing and the use of adjunctive aids; dietary counseling.

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