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Dental Laboratory Technician (Casting)

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 28 total skills
Introduction to Removable Cast Partials - 160 req. hrs
Classification of removable cast partials
Treatment procedures: Clinical and Laboratory
Surveyor - 500 req. hrs
Use of the surveyor
Desirable and undesirable undercuts
Cast design: Unilateral / Horseshoe / Bilateral / Palatal and lingual bars / Double palatal bar / Kennedy bar / Lower lingual plate
Clasp design: Akers / Roach or bar clasp / Back-action clasp / Ring clasp / Combinations / Indirect retainer
Production of The Refractory Cast - 330 req. hrs
New terminology
Procedure for producing a refractory cast
Use of bead line when constructing upper cast
New terminology
Freehand waxing technique reviewed
Pattern Construction - 670 req. hrs
Framework outlined on investment cast
Wax or plastic patterns selected and placed: Combination of wax patterns and Freehand waxing carved to proper contour for various types of framework on upper lower casts
Spruing, Investing, And Casting - 670 req. hrs
New terminology
Spruing maxillary partial denture using a sprue base: Auxiliary sprues attached / Cast attached to sprue base / Main sprue hole filled with wax
Investing maxillary partial denture: Casting mandibular partial denture / Pattern coated with surface tension reducing agent for gold or protective coat for chrome alloy / Investment vibrated into casting ring
Spruing mandibular partial denture
Investing mandibular partial denture
Casting: Casting machine balanced and prepared / Investment patterns placed in cold oven or it may be preheated up 10 1200F (follow manufacturer’s recommendations) / Operation of melting equipment / Removal of cast from investment
Finishing and Polishing - 670 req. hrs
Sprues removed and finished down with coarse stones
Framework finished with mounted stones into desired shape and finish
Rubber-wheeling: Bars, saddles, and clasps / Rubber point for inside of clasp
Polishing compound: Felt wheels and points with high-gloss compound
Electrolytic polishing
Setting Up Teeth; Partial Dentures - 500 req. hrs
Selecting of teeth
Grinding and setting in the necessary teeth for partial dentures
Waxing for finish

Technical Instruction

Freehand Sketching and Pictorial Drawing
Modeling and Sculpturing Tech
Fundamentals of Accounting
Safety - 16 req. hrs
Trade Safety
Industrial and Labor Relations - 20 req. hrs
History and Background
Current Laws and Practices
Business Subjects
General Office Training
Business Management Principles
Dental Theory and Science
Elementary Inorganic Chemistry
Elementary Biology and Physiology
Dental Histology and Anatomy
Elementary Bacteriology
Prosthetic Applications
Practical Physics
Diseases of the Mouth and Teeth
Developing and Fixing of X-Ray Film
Clinical Assistance
Dental Surgical Assistance
Use and Applications of X-Rays

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