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Driver Manager

Hybrid Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

12 skill sets | 32 total skills
Using Freight Manager System - 300 req. hrs
Order Management System - 200 req. hrs
Schedule Drivers, Trailers and Loads to meet Customer Orders
Hours Reporting System - 200 req. hrs
Understand established thresholds and review Driver logs
Driver Management verify Driver hours in payroll system
Onboard Computer System (OBC) - 100 req. hrs
Review OBC functions with drivers
Exercise basic familiarity, sending checks calls and viewing preplans
Demonstrate communications with the driver and truck tracking
Driver Compliance - 500 req. hrs
Monitor Driver compliance with Company, ICC and OSHA rules/regulations.
Driver and Turnover Management - 200 req. hrs
Monitor turnover ratios
Assess turnovers impact on Driver/Trailer/Fleet readiness
Monitor Customer Value Delivery - 400 req. hrs
Maintain Client relationships and customer service
Inform Client Relations Manager (CRM) update Systems Review
Identify Keys of Differentiation
Driver and Safety Compliance - 500 req. hrs
Reinforce Safety information
Conduct Annual reviews
Ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR)
Monitor Driving systems and safety
Update Common safety databases and uses
Perform Job safety analysis
Record Accidents and injuries
Perform Inspections and observations of critical events
Perform Annual Review - 100 req. hrs
Driver Performance
Safety Compliance
Notate Critical Events, Accidents, Injuries, and Maintenance - 80 req. hrs
In Driver Incidence Database
Company incident database
Injuries in OSAH 300 form
Tractor Trailer maintenance Record
Perform Discipline and Performance Reviews - 70 req. hrs
Driver Discipline (Outside of Safety Event)
Short term and long term review processes
Interpersonal relationships
Track Payroll and Invoicing - 50 req. hrs
Forecasting, Layout/Structure, and Profitability effect
Create or set up invoices

Technical Instruction

Orientation Breakdown - 40 req. hrs
Company History
Program Expectations
Onboarding Documentation
Benefits Enrollment
Safety Culture Introduction and Documentation
Driver Orientation and Hiring
Introduction to Maintenance and Training
Certification in Fleet Management and Driver Safety
Drug & Alcohol Training
Glossary of Terms and Organization
Ride Along #1 - 8 req. hrs
Complete a full-day ride along with a senior driver trainer
Complete 10%/Team Inspection
Account Manual Review
Introduction to Internal Email Software
Introductory Transportation Management System (TMS)
Practical Review and Testing
Level II TMS - 24 req. hrs
Check call screens
Manage subscriptions
Supplemental study materials guide
Order Management Processes - 8 req. hrs
Processing Tenders
Building loads
Internal Hours Reporting Software - 8 req. hrs
Understand established thresholds
Driver management
Internal Onboard Computer Systems (OBC) - 4 req. hrs
Learn OBC functions used by drivers
Exercise basic familiarity, sending checks calls and viewing preplans
How to communicate with the driver and track trucks
Internal Stability and Control Systems - 4 req. hrs
Understand the functions and capabilities of electronic stability controls and features
Turnover Management - 6 req. hrs
Where to find turnover ratios
How turnover affects the account
Lessons learned
HR Benefits Information - 16 req. hrs
Eligibility for benefits
How to look up pay
Why you should invest
Ride Along #2 - 8 req. hrs
Pre/post trip Inspections
Required procedures
Practical applications
Client Relationships and Customer Service - 16 req. hrs
Importance of the customer/client
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Methods for on-time delivery
Account ownership
Client Relations Manager (CRM) and Systems Review - 16 req. hrs
How and why use a CRM
Tracking procedures
Keys of Differentiation - 16 req. hrs
Customer service
Business etiquette
Phone etiquette
Dealing with customers’ issues
Review of Safety Information - 16 req. hrs
Random drug testing procedures
Hard braking event
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
Hours of service (HOS)
Driving Systems and Safety - 8 req. hrs
Making a better driver
How to improve safety
Accidents and Injuries - 12 req. hrs
Procedures and event logs
Department of Transportation (DOT) recordable events
On-the-job injuries
Preventable accidents
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) tracking
Inspections and Observations - 10 req. hrs
Tracking and logging
DOT Inspections
Critical Events - 12 req. hrs
Tracking and logging events in the system
Laws and regulations
Schedule sight visit
Maintenance Checks - 16 req. hrs
Equipment appearance
Jump start prevention
Safety checks
Starting the tractor trailer
General overview
Onsite Repairs - 16 req. hrs
Order management systems
Scheduling repairs and road service
Understanding Maintenance Expense - 12 req. hrs
Reports dashboard
Cost management tools
Overdue services
Maintenance forecast tools
Driver Discipline (Outside of Safety Event) - 9 req. hrs
Progressive discipline process
Termination process
Driver Disciplinary Review - 9 req. hrs
Short term review process
Long term review process
Interpersonal Relationships - 10 req. hrs
Business relationships
Understanding emotional intelligence
Conflict resolution
Payroll and Invoicing - 8 req. hrs
Understand layout/structure
Profitability effect
How to create or set up Invoices
Adjustments - 8 req. hrs
Profit and Loss (P & L) overview
Correct/adjust pay
Correct/adjust forecast on P&L
Custom Reporting - 8 req. hrs
P & L forecasting
How to create a P & L
Manage receivables
Profit and Loss - 16 req. hrs
Forecast review
Reports for research and analysis
Research for vouchers
Maintenance Repair Operations
Budget vs. actual report
Safety and injury severity factors related to cost
Fuel surcharge vs. fuel cost per mile
Pricing and Design - 10 req. hrs
Pricing and design (P & D) structure
Charting P & D

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