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Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Tesla, Inc.
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 39 total skills
Preliminary Work - 450 req. hrs
Learning the names and uses of the equipment in the trade, such as kind, size, and use of cable, wire, boxes, conduits, and fittings, switches, receptacles, service switches, cutouts, etc.
Learning names and uses of the various tools used in assembling this material, care of these tools, and other instructions necessary to familiarize the apprentice with the material and tools of the trade.
Maintain company issued property (vehicle, tooling, electronics, software) by ensuring they are accounted for and taken care of at all times.
Evaluate job hazards and complete pre-work task planning with an emphasis on identifying electrical hazards and proper safety procedures.
Demonstrate exceptional customer service by educating customers and delivering real-time job status updates.
Residential and Commercial Rough Wiring - 1875 req. hrs
Interpret complex electrical schematics and blueprints to plan work scopes, install requested improvements, and troubleshoot and correct problems.
Read and interpret diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagram (P&IDs), blueprints, schematics, and manuals.
Assisting in getting the material from stockroom.
Loading truck and unloading material and equipment on the job.
Laying out the various outlets, switches, receptacles, and other details of the job from blueprints or by direction of the Superintendent of construction.
Laying out the system with materials to be used, where they are to be placed, and other details as to how they shall be run.
Cutting wires, cables, conduit and raceway; threading and reaming conduit, boring and cutting chases under the direction of the journeyworker.
Installing various kinds of wires, cables and conduits in accordance with regulations and code.
Assisting journeyworker in pulling wires, attaching wires to fish tape, and keeping wires from kinds of abrasions.
Connecting conductors to switches, receptacles, or appliances with proper methods of splicing, soldering and taping.
Installing service switches or load center and sub feeders and fastening up these parts, running raceways and pulling in conductors under the direction of journeyworker electricians.
Assisting in preparing lists of materials used, including names, number of pieces, or number of feet, etc., for office records.
Loading unused material and cleaning up job area.
Residential and Commercial finish Work - 1125 req. hrs
Perform residential Main Panel Upgrades (MPU)
Connecting and setting witches, receptacles, plates, etc.
Installing proper size and types of fuses for each circuit.
Installing and connecting various kinds of fixtures.
Tracing and polarity of conductors and devices.
Testing the circuit for grounds and shorts and locating and correcting job defects.
Assisting journeyworker in installing and completion of the National Board of Fire Underwriters and special local regulations-proper sizes of wires, services, conduits, etc.
Perform required preventative maintenance activities on commercial inverters to maintain warranty coverage.
Industrial Lighting and Service Installation - 1500 req. hrs
Installing rigid conduit, electric metallic tubing BX armored cable wire molds on all types of heavy electrical equipment and major-size service entrance installation.
Wiring all types (gas, oil, stoker, etc.) of heating equipment.
Installing wiring and controls for air conditioning.
Demonstrate understanding of the system and installation requirements while working collaboratively with the electrical vehicle charging teams
Perform new installations of power distribution, transformers, and lighting, temporary construction power and electrical equipment up to 480 VAC.
Troubleshooting - 750 req. hrs
Repairing all kinds of electrical work.
Checking out trouble and making repairs under supervision of electrician.
Checking out trouble and making repairs without supervision.
Respond to corrective maintenance cases on commercial solar PV, commercial energy storage systems, and vehicle charging stations.
Respond to open case directions and provide data when requested in collaboration with members of the Operations Engineering Systems Reliability team.
Demonstrate prioritization of conflicting work requests and escalations.
Respond to customers' concerns regarding the performance or functionality of their system.

Technical Instruction

First Year - 144 req. hrs
Orientation to the Electrical Trade
Electrical Safety
Terminology used in the trade
Electrical circuits
Electrical theory
Intro to the National Electric Code
Device boxes
Hand bending
Raceways and fittings
Conductors and cables
Basic electrical construction drawings
Residential electrical services
Electrical test equipment
Second Year - 144 req. hrs
Alternative current
Motors: theory and application
Electric lighting
Conduit bending
Pull and junction boxes
Conductor installations
Cable tray
Conductor terminations and splices
Grounding and bonding
Circuit breakers and fuses
Control systems and fundamental concepts
Third Year - 144 req. hrs
Load calculations- branch and feeder circuits
Conductor selection and calculations
Practical applications of lighting
Hazardous locations
Overcurrent protections
Distribution equipment
Commercial electrical services
Motor calculations
Voice, data, and video
Motor controls

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