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Electrician, Substation

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Cobra Energy Services
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

11 skill sets | 92 total skills
Management - 225 req. hrs
Periodic Maintenance Programs
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Demonstrate an understanding of one’s personal values
Demonstrate effectiveness in oral and written communications
Maintain a good professional appearance
Planning Work Requirements - 225 req. hrs
Use Wiring diagrams, schematics, specification sheets, drawings, staking sheets, and one-line diagrams
Determine type and size of electrical system and material requirements under 600 volts
Determine type and size of electrical system and material requirements over 600 volts
Use inspection and maintenance forms and automated products
Coordinate protective devices
Publications - 50 req. hrs
Manufactures Operating Instructions
Manufactures Maintenance Instructions
National Electric Code
Safety Rules and Practices - 500 req. hrs
Supervisory Responsibilities
Hazardous Communications i.e., Right to know, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Asbestos awareness
Apply shop rules and regulations
Identify safe and unsafe practices when working with electricity
Identify and demonstrate proper personal safety procedures, i.e. clothing, jewelry, personal grooming
Identify techniques and practices of fire prevention
Demonstrate safe use of tools and related power equipment
Apply techniques of lifting and climbing with ladders
Apply Basic CPR techniques
Demonstrates safe use of Lockout/Tagout SOP
Red Do Not Operate Tag
Switching Procedures and Switching Packages
Demonstrates safe use of Bucket and Auger Truck Operations
Rubber Personal Protective Equipment i.e., Voltage Ratings, Care, Testing, and Usage
Hotline Tools i.e., Usage and Care
Confined Space Identification, Testing, Entry Requirements
Conduct Safety Meeting/Tailgate briefing
Electrical Fundamentals - 500 req. hrs
Identify electrical terms and symbols
Electrical principals of DC circuits
Electrical principals of AC circuits
Construct basic electrical circuits
Compute for voltage, current, resistance, and power
Measure for electrical properties in circuits and components
Transformer theory
Compute load balance
Tools and Equipment - 500 req. hrs
Hot line tools
Rubber personal protective equipment
Pole trailer
Cable reel jacks
Hand lines
Block and tackle
Chain hoists
Portable power tools
Volt multimeter
Clamp-on amp meter
Phase rotation meter
Frequency meter
High voltage phase testers
Cable fault locators, low voltage
High potential DC tester
Special Equipment - 500 req. hrs
Potential transformers
Current transformers
Voltage regulators
Air, oil, vacuum, and gas switches
Underground Switching Equipment
Concrete - 500 req. hrs
Tie Rebar
Set anchor bolts
Pour and Finish concrete
Wreck forms
Rub concrete to finish
Back fill and compact
Grounding - 500 req. hrs
Pull out wire
Make Cad weld connections
Backfill and compact
Conduit - 500 req. hrs
Install conduits and secure
Bend PVC conduit with heater
Bend rigid conduit with bender
Back fill and compact
Manual and Hydraulic knockouts
Steel Erection - 1500 req. hrs
Tower climbing
Install columns or legs
Assemble trusses
Install and adjust hook switch
Install and adjust GO AB (Gang Operated Air Break) switch
Install and adjust MO AB (Motorized Air Break) switch
Install and grounds Station/line arrestors
Framing and Setting wood poles
Grounding Switch handles/mats

Technical Instruction

First Year - 140 req. hrs
Wooden Pole Climbing Techniques
Math and Electrical Theory
Job Briefing
Intro to Transmission
Intro to Distribution Construction
General Safety 1
Intro to the Power Grid
Intro to Grounding
Construction Specifications
Equipment Operation
Intro to Transformers
Ropes and Knots
Intro to Hot Sticks
Online Supplemental Training
Second Year - 154 req. hrs
Watt-Hour Meters
Electrical Theory Review
Fuse Coordination
General Safety 2
Grounding Principles and Equipotential Grounding
Electrical Instruments and Applications
Line/Sub Construction
Intro to Transmission
Hazardous Energy Control Procedures
Personal Protective Equipment
Working on or Near Exposed, Energized Equipment
Online Supplemental Training
Use Wiring diagrams, schematics, specification sheets, drawings, staking sheets – 4 hours classroom.

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