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End User Computing

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Woz U Enterprise
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

4 skill sets | 17 total skills
Foundations - 48 req. hrs
Demonstrate a working understanding of the organization’s structure, personnel rules, responsibilities and general understanding of work ethics, interpersonal communications and related policies. Understands and practices safety procedures and rules.
Demonstrate a working understanding of the goals, mission and vision.
Demonstrate a working understanding of the organization’s office tools such as copiers, printers, mobile devices etc.
Computer Basics - 360 req. hrs
Demonstrate a working knowledge of the components of a computer and perform basic troubleshooting on communication issues within a computer.
Example On-the-Job Duties: Identify the components of standard desktop personal computers. Install and configure computer components. Maintain and troubleshoot peripheral components. Install and configure operating systems, Printers and Mobile hardware.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of the hardware components of a computer and perform basic troubleshooting on hardware related issues
Example On-the-Job Duties: Install and configure system components. Troubleshoot system components.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of basic networking, to allow the flow of information between multiple computers, VLAN, Wireless, Firewalls and ACL.
Example On-the-Job Duties: Manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure.
Security Basics - 240 req. hrs
Demonstrate knowledge of “best practices” in general network security and commands,
Example On-the-Job Duties: Implement secure network communications. Designate how to manage public key infrastructure and certificates.
Create a security awareness program in the organization which is used to communicate “best practices” for end users
Example On-the-Job Duties: Establish security best practices for creating and running web-based applications.
Client Operating System Basics - 320 req. hrs
Install and configure client operating systems for the organization.
Example On-the-Job Duties: Configure User Account Controls. Configure Local Security Policies. VPN and e-mail client tools. Configure Windows Firewall. Configure Windows Defender. Set indexing locations and modify advanced options. Create a library and set security permissions. Create and deploy a search connector.
Maintain and troubleshoot a client operating system for the organization.
Example On-the-Job Duties: Prepare to deploy Windows 7 business desktops. Assess and resolve application compatibility issues with Windows / OS. Determine the most appropriate method to deploy Windows / OS based upon specific business requirements. Design a standard Windows / OS image by assessing and evaluating the business requirements. Active directory.

Technical Instruction

Computer Fundamentals - 6 req. hrs
Overview of computer fundaments, parts of computer system, common commands, terminology, and components
ITIL Overview - 12 req. hrs
Professional, change management, escalation, customer service, risk, diagnosis, documentation
System Components - 18 req. hrs
Cases, Power supplies, Motherboards, processors, memory, BIOS, Expansion cards, audio and Video
Peripheral Devices - 6 req. hrs
USB, Displays, Video, Device Driver Management and Troubleshooting
Storage - 12 req. hrs
Devices, SATA, Optical Media, RAID, Storage Management, storage spaces, disk optimization, and troubleshooting
Networking - 12 req. hrs
Overview, Hardware, Media, Ethernet, IP Configuration, Internet Connectivity, Network Utilities, and troubleshooting
Wireless Networking - 6 req. hrs
Wireless, infrared, Bluetooth, NFC, SOHO configuration, Internet of Things, troubleshooting
Printing - 6 req. hrs
Types of Printers, Configuration, Network printing, print management, maintenance, and troubleshooting
Mobile Devices - 6 req. hrs
Laptops, dual displays, touchpads, GPS, notebooks, Wi-Fi, synchronization, biometrics
Operating System Implementation/Management - 12 req. hrs
Component Selection, Windows pre-installation, Windows Installation, Post Installation
File Management - 6 req. hrs
Windows file locations, NTFS permissions, shared folders
System Management - 12 req. hrs
Windows system tools, preferences and settings, performance monitoring, active directory, Users and groups, remote services, Windows application management, Linux application management, Updates, System backup, system recovery, virtual memory, boot errors
Security Overview - 12 req. hrs
Best Practices, incident response, social engineering, malware protection, file encryption Understanding attacks, defense planning, access control, cryptography basics, network monitoring incident response
Policy and Procedures - 6 req. hrs
Security policies, risk management, business continuity, manageable network plan, App development and deployment, employee management, third party integration
Cables and Connectors - 6 req. hrs
Twisted pair, coaxial, fiber optic, wiring, troubleshooting network media
Ethernet - 3 req. hrs
Ethernet, Ethernet specification, connecting network devices
IP Configuration - 12 req. hrs
IPIPA and alternate addressing, DHCP configuration, DHCP relay, DHCP name resolution, Multicast, troubleshooting IP configuration issues, IP communications, and name resolution
Switch Management - 6 req. hrs
Switch access, switch IP configuration, virtual LANs, trunking, spanning tree protocol, switch troubleshooting
Routing - 6 req. hrs
Routing protocols, network address translation
Wireless Network Troubleshooting - 12 req. hrs
Wireless concepts, standards, configuration, wireless network design, network implementation, wireless security, wireless troubleshooting
Network Management - 6 req. hrs
Update management, data protection, remote management, mobile device management, data center management monitoring, log file management, network management with SNMP
Application Support - 18 req. hrs
Office 365, Office Suite, Cortana, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Outlook, MS Edge, email writing (etiquette)
Packaging - 6 req. hrs
Sizing, security, packing materials, insurance, safety, delivery options
Soft Skills - 12 req. hrs
Customer service, critical thinking, active listening, questioning, articulation, assertiveness, etiquette (written and oral), service excellence, customer orientation
Ticketing Systems - 18 req. hrs
Types of ticketing systems, features, functions, customization, ServiceNow
Deploy Windows - 16 req. hrs
Deploy Windows Perform Post Installation configuration
Manage devices and data - 16 req. hrs
Manage local users, local groups, and devices, configure data access and protection, configure devices by using local policies, Manage Windows security
Maintain Windows - 24 req. hrs
Configure system and data recovery, manage updates, Monitor and manage Windows
Deploy and update operating systems - 24 req. hrs
Plan and implement Windows 10 by using dynamic deployment, Plan and implement Windows 10 by using Windows Autopilot, Upgrade devices to Windows 10, Manage updates, Manage device authentication
Configuration Management (SCCM) - 16 req. hrs
Image Management, User and Computer Management, Application and Patch management, Inventory and Reporting, Features like Software metering etc. Distribution Point Management
MAC OS - 8 req. hrs
Introduction to JamF, Management of Mac OS
Manage policies and profiles - 16 req. hrs
Plan and implement co-management, implement conditional access and compliance policies for devices, Configure device profiles, Manage user profiles
Manage and protect devices - 8 req. hrs
Manage Windows Defender, Manage Intune device enrollment and inventory, Monitor devices

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