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Facilities Operations Junior Analyst

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
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CareerWise Colorado
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Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 7 total skills
Tenant Relations
Effectively determines tenant needs, follows up on previous action steps, and troubleshoots outstanding issues.
Effectively manages and performs maintenance and repairs both preventatively and as requested by residents.
Business Operations
Leverages knowledge of technology, laws, finances, operations, and marketing to impact the success of the business.
Regulatory Acumen
Demonstrates understanding of the regulatory environment that shapes facilities management.
Project Management
Manages multiple projects, changes in project scope, and shifting priorities in order to maintain project requirements and ensure deadlines are met.
Subcontractor Coordination
Request, review and submit work orders, bids, and proposals from outside contractors for service and repairs. Inspect work for quality building-specific maintenance and safety procedures. Verify final invoice pricing and process payments in a timely manner.
Data Analysis
Analyzes and processes complex data for core business operations. Identifies the underlying principles, reasons, and facts of data sets. Breaks down information or data into separate parts.

Technical Instruction

Safety Training-Trades
Introduces the student the basic concepts of workplace hazards and the need for continuing education with regard to safety. The reasons behind confined space training and proper safety equipment will be covered.
Electrical Components
Covers electrical power distribution transformers capacitors relays and electric motors. Laboratory experiences consist of using electrical devices to electrical loads.
Electric for HVAC
Teaches resistance current voltage and power in AC and DC circuits; measurements; computations of series and parallel circuits; circuit analysis and troubleshooting with basic test equipment.
Fund. of Gas Heating
Introduces students to the fundamentals of gas heating. Students work in a classroom and shop environment. Topics include the basics of gas heating systems and basic code requirements for heating systems.
Building Automation
Covers operating and modifying an installed building automation system. This is a highly interactive course where you will learn and exercise common applications of a building management system.
Facilities Management Professional Credential
IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation is a knowledge-based credential that will help to accelerate an FM’s transition into the profession and demonstrate a proven comprehension of the foundations of facility management.
Certified Professional Property Specialist Credential
The Certified Professional Property Specialist (CPPS) Certification level examination consists of a 100-question, multiple-choice exam. CPPS exams cover 7 domains and 23 subdomains, written by subject matter experts.

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