Flexo Technician

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
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Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline
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Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

1 skill sets | 12 total skills
Industry-Sector Technical Competencies
Press components - (Doctor Blades, anilox rolls, gears and tooling, Dies) - Understand the purpose importance and proper maintenance and safety print components.
Flexographic Print Components (inks, substrates) - Understand the various ink systems and proper maintenance for Water, UV/LED and Solvent based ink as well as the substrate they are printed on.
Color Theory - understand basic color theory and its impact on the perception of color.
Color Measurement - understand density, dot gain, Lab* color space and the proper use of a spectrodensotometer for measuring them.
Die Cutting - Understand the fundamentals of precision die cutting, including how they cut, tooling specifications, maintenance and safety.
Press Configurations - Learn the different flexographic press configurations, component arrangements and the markets that they serve.
Print Terminology - Understand common print terminology and how it related to the flexographic printing industry.
Safety and Environmental Concerns - Knowledge in proper safety for equipment and manufacturing facilities and environmental concerns for the flexographic industry.
Paperwork /QC sign offs - Know the proper methods and instruments used to effectively inspect final printed products.
Troubleshooting and problem solving - Training on common problems and solutions as well as training on trouble shooting guidelines and processes.
Equipment maintenance and lubrication - Practice industry approved procedures for preventative maintenance and lubrication on machines and tools
Spec reading/print reading - Knowledge in reading and understanding print specs.