General Insurance Associate

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
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CareerWise Colorado
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Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 50 total skills
Customer Service/ Service Orientation
Understands principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes assessing customer needs, meeting quality standards for services, and keeping customers informed.
Addresses internal and external customers in a polite and friendly manner. Uses email and voicemail proficiently and consistently with internal customers.
Meets basic customer needs.
Identifies the proper employee to help with more complex needs.
Independently meets customer needs.
Uses email and voicemail proficiently and consistently with external customers.
Process Analysis and Application
Understands the process required for specific work tasks, determines if and how the process is working and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.
Describes internal processes core to business operations and their functions within a system.
Describes how these processes interact.
Interacts with and works within processes core to business operations.
Owns simple processes core to business operations.
Identifies and reacts to issues within processes that need to be changed.
Fully integrates into the system and understands impacts of their process on other processes.
Business Communication
Tells a story in a compelling way. Develops arguments to persuade someone to their side. Influences.
Develops written and oral descriptions of factual issues in a concise and effective manner.
Identifies tools that could be used in communication.
Develops insights and communicates them effectively to supervisor.
Uses various communication tools with direction from supervisor.
Clearly articulates problems and solutions in written and oral forms.
Presents solution sets.
Independently selects the appropriate communication tool for the job.
Data Literacy
Reads, aggregates, distills, and disseminates internal and external data in structured formats for use in assigned tasks.
Describes different business operations reports and how to access them.
Accesses data from different business operations reports.
Knows where to find data for assigned tasks.
Runs reports for internal and external purposes.
Data Analysis
Analyzes and processes complex data for core business operations. Identifies the underlying principles, reasons, and facts of data sets. Breaks down information or data into separate parts.
Performs routine data entry tasks to support supervisor.
Exhibits basic navigation of Excel; understands the structure and purpose of a cell.
Independently performs data entry tasks.
Employs formatting, conditional formatting, and simple formulas in Excel.
Employs formatting, conditional formatting, and simple formulas in Excel.
Acts as a steward of data; prepares data with minimal errors for use by colleagues and supervisors.
Accesses data from databases in support of business needs.
Writes formulas in Excel and creates pivot tables.
Data Communication
Creates and distributes reports, dashboards, visualizations, and presentations to communicate business performance.
Understands and navigates business management tools.
Explains how and where elements sit within business management tools.
Opens and interacts with reports at a basic level.
Creates visualizations, dashboards, and presentations with assistance and direction provided by supervisor.
Downloads reports to communicate business performance.
Creates visualizations, dashboards, and presentations independently for assigned tasks.
Creates reports to communicate business performance.
Business Systems Analysis
Determines how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.
Describes systems core to business operations and their functions.
Describes interactions between different systems.
Works within these systems, but may lack understanding of impacts from one system to another.
Describes impacts and relationships on the business ecosystem.
Describes how decisions and actions impact other systems.
Works proficiently within systems.

Technical Instruction

CareerWise Apprenticeship Boot Camp
Soft skills development
# | 16 hrs
Workplace etiquette and expectations
# | 16 hrs
Professional communication
# | 16 hrs
Time management
# | 16 hrs
Goal setting
# | 16 hrs
Self-advocacy and emotional intelligence
# | 16 hrs
Money management
# | 16 hrs
Stress management
# | 16 hrs
Supervisor interaction preparation
# | 16 hrs
Growth mindset and training plans
# | 16 hrs
Building strong relationships
# | 16 hrs
Feedback and tough conversations
# | 16 hrs
Workplace conflict
# | 16 hrs
Higher education planning
# | 16 hrs
Linkedin and resume development
# | 16 hrs
Financial planning
# | 16 hrs
Workplace Safety and Ergonomics
# | 16 hrs
CareerWise Professional Development
Managing strengths and weaknesses
# | 8 hrs
Professional communication
# | 8 hrs
# | 8 hrs
Time management
# | 8 hrs
Focuses on the study of the national economy, emphasizing business cycles and long-run growth trends. Explores how macroeconomic performance is measured, including Gross Domestic Product and labor market indicators. Examines the saving-investment relationship and its relationship to Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand. Discusses money and banking, international trade, fiscal and monetary policy. Explores the macroeconomic role of the public sector.
# | 45 hrs
Studies the firm, the nature of cost, and how these relate to the economy as a whole. Analyzes economic models of the consumer, perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition. Explores economic issues including market power, population growth, positive and negative externalities, income distribution, poverty and welfare, discrimination, and international economic interdependence.
# | 45 hrs
Business Communication
Emphasizes effective business writing and covers letters, memoranda, reports, application letters, and resumes. Includes the fundamentals of business communication and an introduction to international communication.
# | 45 hrs
Intro to Business
Focuses on the operation of the American business system. Covers fundamentals of the economy, careers and opportunities, marketing, management, production, governmental regulations, tools of business and social responsibilities.
# | 45 hrs