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General Insurance Associate

Hybrid Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

9 skill sets | 54 total skills
Business Operations - 900 req. hrs
Understand the structure of the organization
Understand basic Property and Casualty Insurance terms
Navigate and utilize various systems, websites and applications
Collaborate with team members and attend staff meetings
Attend face-to-face meetings with clients
Work with new clients or support a producer in an effort to understand their needs, gather necessary data, research policy options, present options, finalize and bind new coverage, cancel old policies, and negotiate with carriers when necessary
Reviewing new business policies for accuracy
Learn the Agency Management System
Understand the process in reporting claims and how to resolve conflicts
Services and Support - 725 req. hrs
Navigate and utilize various carrier systems and applications
Meet with carriers on company changes such as underwriting criteria and product revisions
Build and maintain relationships with clients and carriers: Follow up with carrier on new submissions and Follow up with carrier to ensure that all changes, cancellations, etc. have been processed
Work with new and existing clients in an effort to understand their needs, research policy options, present proposals to the client and finalize all documents and coverage
Service existing client needs such as providing quotes, endorsing changes and processing paperwork
Answer customers questions/correspondence and learn how to recognize their needs and resolve any issues
Maintain records of customer interactions and transactions, recording details, of inquiries, comments and actions taken in agency management system
Reviewing renewals for changes in client exposures
Ability to process certificates of insurance appropriately
Set appointments and/or calls or support a producer to review existing policies, review liability limits and exposures, explore other coverage needs, evaluate replacements costs, round out accounts, and bind renewals
Required Training & Compliance - 40 req. hrs
Take the required 40-hour pre-licensing course
Take your property and casualty license exam
Obtain your Property & Casualty license
Carrier Basics: Learn each carriers’ preferred clientele and Learn online carrier portals
Agents and Brokers Education Network (ABEN)/New Level Partner courses
Regulatory Affairs (Department of Insurance (DOI) - 5 req. hrs
Understand the Department of Insurance state filings process
Create your account with the appropriate state Department of Insurance
Maintain accurate records with the Department of Insurance
Risk Management - 20 req. hrs
Understand Risk Management function within the organization.
Understand importance and necessity of Business Continuity and Crisis Response planning to the organization
Understand how to utilize appropriate checklists when writing business
Financial - 30 req. hrs
Understand the billing process with each carrier
Learn the process for payments
Understand the compensation structure and how it applies to the agency
Complete calculations for short rate and prorate cancellations
Understand how various products contribute to profitability and losses
Understand the role of premium finance for your client
Continuing Education - 30 req. hrs
Maintain the required hours for continuing education based on state requirements
Keep up-to-date with industry changes and new product information
Keep informed regarding industry information, new product information, legislation, regulation, coverages and technology to continuously improve knowledge and performance
Marketing - 15 req. hrs
Understand the different types of marketing channels
Learn how to prospect for new clients
Learn to up-sell coverages
Participate in agency marketing activities, meet with carriers, attend Continuing Education (CE) and training sessions and other agency functions
Administrative Operations - 390 req. hrs
Manage incoming and outgoing physical and electronic mail and fax correspondence
Receive and process checks
Answer telephone inquiries and direct calls appropriately
Order office supplies
Greeting visitors
Building maintenance
Agency Management System including inputting new client information
Describe the role that technology plays in enabling the business to operate
Understand the reasons for privacy and data/information protection.
Understand all job duties within the agency
Ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames

Technical Instruction

InVest Pre-licensing Classes (choose 2 between Life, Property, Casualty, and Health) - 140 req. hrs
Principles of Insurance (Independent Study)
Principles of Business
Agents and Brokers Education Network Online Webcasts - 24 req. hrs
Errors & Omissions Risk Management
Data Privacy Insurance
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Training
Professional Ethics

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