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Greenskeeper II

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Golf Course and Sports Turf Management
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

11 skill sets | 52 total skills
Demonstrate safe work habits and maintain a safe work environment
Demonstrate knowledge of career options in the Turfgrass industry
Demonstrate basic turfgrass morphology, growth and turfgrass management practices
Identify common turfgrass types
Identify common weeds in turf
Identify common insects in turf
Identify common diseases in turf
Safely and properly mow a turfgrass area
Demonstrate approved irrigation techniques to supplement moisture to different types of turfgrass areas
Demonstrate approved techniques and products to manage soil fertility on different types of turfgrass areas
Safely and properly perform common supplemental turfgass cultural practices (aerating, verticutting, dethatching, etc.)
Safely and properly apply liquid and granular plant protectant materials
Apprentice will properly perform collection of soil samples and how to submit for soil testing
Properly prepare and establish a turfgrass area
Using approved methods to seed a turfgrass area
Using approved methods to sod a turfgrass area
Demonstrate according to owner's manual safe use and daily maintenance of common landscape/turfgrass equipment
Safely operates a 21" rotary push mower
Safely operates a 36”/48" rotary walk behind mower
Safely operates a zero turn rotary type mower
Safely operates a backpack blower
Safely operates a string/weed trimmer
Safely operates a walk-behind reel type mower
Safely operates a bunker/sand/infield rake
Safely operates an aerator
Safely operates a riding greens mower
Safely perform equipment maintenance
Apply lubricants and grease
Safely sharpens a rotary lawn mower blade
Inspect equipment to make sure it is in safe running order
Safely and properly clean and store equipment
Safely service common landscape/turf equipment
Safely and properly maintain specialized turfgrass area
Safely and properly mow a green, tee, fairway and rough
Safely and properly mow an infield/sports field
Safely and properly prepare a skinned area
Safely and properly prepare bunkers
Safely and properly repair divots and ball marks
Safely and properly apply topdressing mix
Demonstrates an understanding of the game of golf- the history and playing of the game
Demonstrates an understanding of the game of golf- demonstrate understanding of the parts of a golf course
Demonstrates an understanding of the game of golf- safely and properly sets up a golf hole for play
Demonstrates an understanding of sports field management- demonstrate knowledge of various sports field dimensions/layouts
Demonstrates an understanding of sports field management- demonstrate the proper way to square a sports field
Demonstrates an understanding of sports field management- safely and properly line a field for play
Demonstrate an understanding of synthetic turfgrass maintenance- safely and properly groom a synthetic field with a brush
Demonstrate an understanding of synthetic turfgrass maintenance- demonstrates an understanding of proper cleaning methods
Safely install, operate and maintain a sprinkler system
Cut and fit pipe or tubing
Program automatic timers
Trouble shoot irrigation problems
Adjust sprinkler patterns
Demonstrate common practices to deal with excess water on a golf course or sports field
Safely and properly install drainage
Properly grade a given area to remove surface water
Demonstrate basic landscape horticultural practices
Prepare area and properly plant trees, shrubs and flowers
Demonstrate proper techniques to prune small trees and shrubs
Demonstrate an understanding of financial management in the golf course and sports turf industry
Identify major expenses in a turf industry
Prepare a budget for a turf industry

Technical Instruction

Exploring the Turf Industry
Determine the Importance of the Turf Industry
Explore Career Opportunities in the Turf Industry
Recognize the Impact of Technological Advances in the Turf Industry
Plant Anatomy and Physiology
Understand Root Anatomy
Understand Stem Anatomy
Understand Leaf Anatomy and Morphology
Understand Flower Anatomy
Growing Media, Nutrients, and Fertilizers
Understand Soil Formation
Understand Soil Texture and Structure
Explain a Soil Profile
Soil Nutrient Functions
Fertilizer Formulations
Characteristics and Sources of Nitrogen
Characteristics and Sources of Phosphorus and Potassium
Integrated Pest Management
Understand Integrated Pest Management
Understand Weather and Plant Phenology
Determine the Kinds of Pesticides
Use Pesticides Safely
Interpret Pesticide Labels
Identify and Managing Plant Pests in the Landscape
Turfgrass Management
Identify, Classify, and Select Turfgrass
Identify common pests and diseases in turfgrass

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