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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 43 total skills
General Trade Orientation - 350 req. hrs
Care and use of tools
Test and measurement devices
Types and sizes of piping, tubing, fittings
Introduction to refrigeration components
Safety procedures and first aid
Equipment records and reports
Fabrication of System Components - 550 req. hrs
Cut, thread, flare, bend, shape piping and tubing
Install fittings
Solder, braise, and tin fittings and components
Care and use of oxy-acetylene and prestolite torches
Silver and soft soldering
System Installation and Connection - 1600 req. hrs
Electric supply lines and cables
Electrical connections
Water service lines
Air supply lines
Steam lines
Steam return lines
Steam traps and strainers
Pressure reduction, expansion, evaporator, stop valves
Suction and discharge lines
Filters and strainers
Equipment Installation - 950 req. hrs
Install condensers
Prepare compressor and motor bases
Install and align compressors and motors
Install evaporators and other cooling coils
Install and align centrifugal pumps and bases
Use of slings, lines, blocks and falls, chain hoists, rollers, dollies and skids
System Maintenance - 1050 req. hrs
Troubleshoot field systems
Test pressure, flow, etc.
Check liquid levels
Check repair leaks (Freon, liquid)
Purge, dehydrate, and charge systems
Repair, align, and adjust fans and blower sections
Align pulleys, bearing blocks, belt tension
Equipment Repair - 2900 req. hrs
Disassemble and clean, repair/renew, perform shop tests and run-in compressors
Repair, pressure test, dehydrate evaporators
Repair, acidize condensers, and roll condenser tubes
Remove, replace, disassemble, and test, clean, calibrate, renew defective parts on controls of all types such as: pneumatic, electrical, electro pneumatic, thermostatic, humidity, pressure, vacuum
Machine Shop Practice - 300 req. hrs
Use of grinders, drill presses, lathes
Tool and drill sharpening

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