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Heavy and Tractor Trailer Truck Driver

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 43 total skills
Maintain a safe vehicle in good operating order and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
Check vehicle to make sure that mechanical, safety and emergency equipment is in good working order
Maintain accurate logs of working hours, engine miles, vehicle service and repair status to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal regulations
Complete a vehicle inspection report
Properly and safely prepare vehicle, including loading
Conduct pre-trip inspection of critical vehicle components and complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
Perform en route inspections to ensure proper and safe operation of vehicle
Perform post-trip inspection and make notes of actual or suspected abnormalities or malfunctions
Couple tractor and trailer safely and properly
Uncouple tractor and trailer safely and properly
Make efficient trip plans taking into account fuel use, ease of transport, hazards mitigation, and state regulations
Safely travel and transport goods (if loaded) to correct location, meeting or exceeding deadlines
Enter and start the vehicle properly
Put vehicle in motion and drive properly and safely
Shift properly to maintain speed and motion
Operate vehicle in reverse and dock in an appropriate and safe manner
Bring vehicle to a stop, including parking
Conduct preemptive visual search to stay alert to and enable appropriate defensive response to hazards
Manage speed to ensure safe passage and conformance with state and federal laws and regulations
Maintain proper vehicle spacing for safe operation and hazard response
Exercise appropriate precautions at railroad crossings
Pick up and deliver cargo on time and in good condition
Verify cargo types, nature, amount, and condition of cargo at pick-up and delivery
Load, secure, and cover cargo as necessary and deliver to appropriate location
Obtain necessary permits to transport cargo, if necessary
Appropriately secure and protect high risk and high value cargo, obtaining necessary approvals and insurance coverage if necessary
Accurately weigh loads and maintain weight distribution requirements
Utilize appropriate vehicle communication devices; communicate with others regarding vehicle operation and maintenance, safe driving protocols, and cargo transportation and delivery
Use appropriate signals and vehicle communications technology to communicate with other drivers
Communicate appropriately with company dispatch operators and others engaged in the loading and receiving of goods
Report malfunctions, breakdowns, or maintenance needs accurately and promptly
Document cargo transportation and delivery specifications and actions
Seek manager authorizations when necessary
Maintain positive customer relations
Seek roadside assistance from appropriate sources, when necessary
Maintain accurate and complete records related to travel times, distances, expenses, and delivery of products
Maintain accurate records regarding trip route, time, estimated fuel requirement and cargo
Follow regulations and procedures to obtain special permits when necessary
Correctly complete and submit cargo claims in the event of loss, damage, or refusal upon delivery
Maintain records regarding load weights
Drive truck during the day and at night, in a variety of weather situations and road conditions
Operate vehicle safely at night
Operate vehicle safely in cold weather
Operate vehicle safely in hot weather
Operate vehicle safely in mountainous terrain
Operate vehicle safely in wet conditions
Operate vehicle safely in windy conditions
Operate vehicle safely in construction zones
Scan, detect, and respond properly to potential dangers in the driving environment
Use emergency maneuvers to avoid or recover from skids

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