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HHA Peer Trainer Specialist

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships (NCHA)
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 32 total skills
Role of the Home Health Peer Trainer
Assist new HHAs understand the role and scope of work of the HHA when working as a member of the healthcare team and in relation to the consumer/client receiving services
Reinforce agency polices in real time with respect to client's right, confidentiality, etc.
Communication and Problem-Solving Skills
Serve as a role model and coach for new HHA helping them understand their own verbal and non-verbal communication
Demonstrate active listening and observe the new HHA and provides feedback
Assist HHA with resolving conflict with the client/family and coaches/works with HHA to develop strategies to deal with challenging behaviors
Coach HHA about cultural sensitivity in communicating with clients/family from other backgrounds
Serve as a liaison between HHA, coordinator and supervisor to ensure client's needs, concerns are addressed
Personal Care Skills
Provide explanation, demonstration and use other educational aids to ensure that the HHA can competently provide assistance with Activities of Daily Livings (ADL's) in accordance with client preference and plan of care in the patient's home, including, but is not limited to grooming, dressing, using equipment and assistive devices, meal preparation, feeding and maintenance of a safe, clean environment and other tasks as needed
Health Related Tasks
Accurately measure and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure
Collect routine urine, stool and sputum specimens according to proper procedures
Assist with meal planning, food preparation and serving, food shopping, storage and handling; prepare and assist clients with complex modified diets
Assist clients with prescribed exercise programs, including walking, standing
Assist with passive/active range of motion
Assist clients with lung disease with postural drainage
Assist with the use of prescribed medical equipment, supplies and devices
Assist with special skin care to prevent ulcers
Assist clients with ileostomy, colostomy, gastrostomy and tracheostomy care
Assist with the preparation of simple modified diets
Assist clients with family spending and budgeting as specified on care plan
Assist clients with care of the home and personal belongings
Assist client with fluid intake, measures and records when indicated on plan of care
Assist and encourages clients to consume nutritional supplements/snacks as indicated on plan of care
Infection Control
Observe HHA to ensure the application of the principles of infection control in all activities
Coach HHA as they observe, record and report skin conditions including signs and symptoms of sepsis
Coach HHA on the use proper body mechanics at all times and incorporation of safe transfer techniques
Ensure HHAs ability to use new equipment in the home
Conduct workshops on health and safety topics
Working in a Skills Lab
Demonstrate proper technique to perform each of the required skills
Verbally instruct the HHA on how to perform each skill
Administer and score pre and post-tests
Set-up the skills lab with proper equipment, supplies and materials
Maintain accurate records

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