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Home Health Aide (HHA)

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships (NCHA)
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 63 total skills
Role of the Home Health Aide
Demonstrate the role and scope of work of the HHA when working as a member of the healthcare team
Demonstrate the role of the HHA in relation to the consumer/client receiving services
Demonstrate HHA professionalism in appropriate dress, punctuality, and performance in accordance with agency policies and HHA roles
Client Rights and Confidentiality
Respect the rights and observe the preference of the consumer/client in their own home
Demonstrate ways of protecting client's privacy and promoting independence
Respect the confidentiality of client information and adheres to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and agency confidentiality guidelines
Recognize causes and types of abuse, appropriate response and reporting requirements
Communication and Problem-Solving Skills
Can explain the term "communication" including the difference between verbal and non- verbal communication
Demonstrate effective communication, including active listening
Demonstrate ability to resolve conflict and work will with challenging behaviors
Demonstrate respect and cultural sensitivity in communicating with others
Demonstrate the use of effective problem-solving skills
Notify supervisor promptly in relation to client's needs, concerns and/or problems encountered
Serve as an advocate for the client and treats the client, their family and close friends with courtesy and respect
Provide report to designated staff according to procedure
Personal Care Skills
Assist clients with bathing according to client preference and plan of care
Provide clients with bed baths according to proper procedure when indicated
Shampoo client's hair in bed when indicated
Assist clients with oral hygiene and care according to individual needs and plan of care
Assist clients with fingernail and toenail care
Shave clients using proper procedure (facial hair only) with safety razor/electric shaver
Turn clients in bed according to proper procedure
Provide clients with back rubs according to proper procedure
Assist clients with eating
Assist clients with dressing
Assist clients with the use of elastic support stockings
Make an occupied bed and/or unoccupied bed
Assist clients with toileting needs including demonstrating proper use of bedpan, urinals and/or commode (and use of adult diaper or incontinence products as needed)
Provide pericare as indicated in plan of care
Assist clients with use of condom catheters and daily catheter care
Demonstrate proper technique and use of lift equipment (transfer technique)
Clean and ensure appropriate function and care of appliances such as glasses, hearing aids, prostheses and assists with application as indicated by plan of care
Health Related Tasks
Observe, record, report and document client status/changes and care/services furnished and provides information to the supervisor according to policy
Accurately measure and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure
Collect routine urine, stool and sputum specimens according to proper procedures
Prepare and assist clients with complex modified diets
Assist clients with prescribed exercise programs, including walking, standing
Assist with passive/active range of motion
Assist clients with lung disease with postural drainage
Assist with the use of prescribed medical equipment, supplies and devices
Assist with special skin care to prevent ulcers; observes, records and reports skin conditions including signs and symptoms of sepsis
Assist clients with ileostomy, colostomy, gastrostomy and tracheostomy care
Assist with meal planning, food preparation and serving, food shopping, storage and handling
Assist with the preparation of simple modified diets
Assist clients with family spending and budgeting as specified on care plan
Assist clients with care of the home and personal belongings
Assist clients with self-administration of medicine as allowed by law
Recognize pain in client; report client pain to supervisor per policy
Assist with nutrition and fluid intake, measures and records when indicated on plan of care
Assist and encourages clients to consume nutritional supplements/snacks as indicated on plan of care
Infection Control Procedures
Demonstrate proper hand washing procedures
Describe and apply the principles of infection prevention and control procedures
Implement standard precautions as indicated
Obtain available personal protection against illness and infection such as the flu vaccine
Perform activities using OSHA/blood borne pathogen procedures and requirements
Describe activities addressing common communicable disease protocols
Safety and Recognize/Respond to Emergencies According to Emergency Procedure
Maintain clean, safe and healthy environment; assess home for possible hazards and fix
Use proper body mechanics at all times and incorporate safe transfer techniques
Demonstrate awareness of range of motion and positioning in moving client
Demonstrate knowledge of procedures in case of emergencies in the home
Recognize emergencies and understands and acts according to emergency procedure
Check equipment before use and notifies supervisor of any problems identified
Demonstrate ability to perform CPR and AED according to proper procedures

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