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In-Patient Nurse

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Care New England
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

9 skill sets | 74 total skills
Quality Assurance & General Care of Patients - 450 req. hrs
Applied safety initiatives to daily practice, including rounding and effective hand-off communication using SBAR.
Recognizes and responds to patient deterioration and verbalizes how to activate the Rapid Response Team and Code Blue, and access emergency equipment.
Assess patients for fall risk and implements fall prevention measures.
Participates in Interdisciplinary Rounds.
Implements and follows nursing process for Admission and Discharge.
Documents pertinent information accurately in the electronic medical record.
Demonstrates appropriate delegation when working with Nursing Assistants in accordance with the Rhode Island Nurse Practice Act.
Understands the role of the Charge nurse and Clinical Administrators and utilizes appropriately.
Demonstrates awareness and application of correct infection control measures, including caring for patients in isolation.
Consistently practices accurate hand hygiene.
Demonstrates safe administration of medications of various modalities.
Demonstrates competency with gaining IV access, IV therapy and management of other various access devices.
Manages patient's pain and documents pain assessment, intervention, and re-assessment.
Demonstrates ability to provide palliative and end of life care to patients.
Provides post mortem care of patient, NEOB notification.
Reviews the use and documentation of Restraints.
Understands and follows Blood Administration Policies/Procedures.
Address and cares for patients with wounds requiring simple to complex dressings/interventions.
Demonstrates knowledge and use of Intra-facility procedures when transferring patients.
Recognizes reportable events including near misses, and enters events into the electronic reporting system.
Articulates knowledge of the process for required reporting of abuse
Demonstrates knowledge of the nutritional needs of patients and utilizes resources to assess and optimize nutrition in patient care.
Demonstrates correct use of safe patient handling equipment.
Utilizes resources for questions and assistance as needed, to assist with patient care, critical thinking and professional development.
Practices patient and family centered care, utilizing effective communication to establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient and family.
Participates in unit based committees, staff meetings and quality projects.
Care of Cardiac Patient - 315 req. hrs
Demonstrates ability to recognize various cardiac rhythms.
Provides care to patients requiring telemetry monitoring.
Demonstrates ability to set up & maintain Cardiac Monitors.
Assesses patients for chest pain and implements Chest Pain Protocol.
Provides care to and recognizes patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome.
Provides care to and recognizes patient with Congestive Heart Failure.
States indication, dosage, side effects & nursing implications of common cardiac medications.
Demonstrates knowledge and skill in administering and monitoring patients receiving Cardizem Infusions.
Provides care to patients post Cardiac Catheterization.
Demonstrates how to do a 12 lead EKG.
Care of the Geriatric Patient - 150 req. hrs
Demonstrates knowledge of various age related changes.
Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of delirium prevention techniques.
Supports aging sensitivity in all care provided to the geriatric patient.
Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of age related sensory changes and communication.
Demonstrates ability to differentiate between delirium and dementia.
Articulates the meaning of being a NICHE (Nurses Improving Care of Healthsystem Elders) designated hospital.
Care of Surgical Patient - 200 req. hrs
Provides pre-operative and post-operative care to thee general surgical patient.
Provides care to the orthopedic patient.
Provides care to the bariatric patient.
Demonstrates safe use and understanding of various pain control modalities.
Provides care to and manages post-operative drains and tubes.
States indication, dosage, side effects & nursing implications of common pre/post op medications.
Accurately documents pre and post-operative care in the electronic medical record.
Care of Respiratory Patient - 315 req. hrs
Provides care to and recognizes patient with COPD.
Provides care to and recognizes patient with pneumonia.
Provides care to and manages tracheostomy site.
Correctly utilizes oxygen therapy equipment, including equipment for suctioning
Accurately manages incentive spirometer.
Provides care to the patient on Bipap, and manages equipment.
Provides care to patients with chest tubes and manages drainage system.
States indication, dosage, side effects & nursing implications of common respiratory medications, including aerosol delivery medications.
Identifies and obtains equipment in emergency situations, including the ambu bag and equipment to assist with intubation.
Care of the Patient with Neurological Diagnosis - 100 req. hrs
Demonstrates knowledge stroke signs and symptoms, and how to activate the Stroke Team.
States indication, dosage, side effects & nursing implications of common neurological related medications.
Demonstrates understanding of Tele-neurology procedure
Provides care to the patient with Acute Stroke.
Assesses and understands the needs of a patient with dementia.
Demonstrates use of diversion activity in the care of patient with dementia.
Care of the GI Patient - 100 req. hrs
Provides care to and manages various GI tubes and drains.
States indication, dosage, side effects & nursing implications of common GI related medications.
Care of the GU/Renal Patient - 150 req. hrs
Provides care to and manages patients with indwelling catheters, utilizing the Nurse Driven Protocol.
Demonstrates knowledge about the catheter associated urinary tract infections and removing indwelling urinary catheter as soon as possible.
Assesses patients need for straight catheterization and use of bladder scanner.
Provides care to the patient requiring dialysis.
Accurately monitors and documents patient Intake and Output.
Care of the Patient with Endocrine Disorders - 100 req. hrs
Provides care to patients with Diabetes.
Demonstrates understanding of various types of insulin.
Provides care for the patient with thyroid disease.

Technical Instruction

Introduction to Nursing Department - 8.5 req. hrs
CNE Performance Improvement & Safety
Interprofessional Communication & Collaboration
The Patient Experience
NICHE and the Geriatric Resource Nurse Program
Resources and Chain of Command
Infection Prevention - 8.5 req. hrs
Policy, procedure, protocol review and documentation
Equipment review
Resources for policies and procedures
IV Therapy Course - 8 req. hrs
Blood Administration
Cardiac monitoring and documentation - 8.5 req. hrs
Nurse Residency Debriefing
Care for patients with cardiac conditions - 9.25 req. hrs
Managing stress and stressful situations
Nurse Residency Debriefing
Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds: Managing Chest Tubes
Caring for patients with pulmonary conditions: respiratory assessment - 8 req. hrs
Nutritional needs of patients
The patient experience
Care of the pre and post-operative patient and preventing potential complications
Wound and skin assessment - 7.5 req. hrs
Hypo/hyperglycemia, Diabetes, DKA
Care of the Bariatric Patient
Fall prevention protocol and mobility protocol
Safe patient handling
Hand-off communication & Inter-professional communication - 8 req. hrs
Pain management
Renal failure and caring for patients requiring dialysis
Neuro assessment: stroke, teleneurology
Diagnostic imaging
Care Management and discharge process - 8 req. hrs
Palliative care
KAWAS protocol
D-escalation techniques
Safety, security and code grey
Behavioral conditions/resources
Therapeutic Relationships - 8 req. hrs
Code of Ethics/Scope of practice
Clinical Informatics Roundtable
Transition to practice

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