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Injection Molding Machine Setter

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 73 total skills
Mold Setting - 600 req. hrs
Mold Piping
Chiller Connections
Mokon Connections
Dogging of Mold
Machine Mold Height Adjust
Knock out Connection
Low Pressure Adjust
Close & Open Speed Adjust
Conveyor Belt Set Up
Driller Rotter Set Up, Welding Set Up
Accessory Air Set Up
Hydraulic KO Set Up
Mold Storage Procedure
Fixture Accessory Storage
Material Handling - 600 req. hrs
Bulk Material
Silo Maintenance
Sige Bin Connections
Distribution System Trouble Shooting
Central Vacuum Repair
Vacuum Loader Repair
Coloring Unit Adjust & Repair
Grinder Repair, Regrind Handling
Material Mixing (Blending)
Material Storage & Inventory
Material Testing (Incoming)
Machine Maintenance - 600 req. hrs
Hydraulic Trouble Shooting & Adjustment
Electrical Trouble Shooting & Adjustment
Mechanical Trouble Shooting & Adjustment
Heater Band (Control & Repair)
Fluid Temperature Controller Adjust & Repair
Accessory Equipment Hook Up
Central Water System Start Up & Repair
Chiller System Start Up (Recharge & Shut Down)
Central Air System Start Up & Shut Down
Sprinkler System Review
Tool Maintenance - 600 req. hrs
Mold Disassembly
Mold Cleaning
Mold (Light Polishing & Storing)
KO Pin & Stripper Bolt Replacement
Mold Damage Analysis
Mold Assembly
Mold Leak Testing
Mold Jiffy Shot Testing
Mold Repair Techniques
Mold Welding
Mold Plating
Mold Measuring Gauging
Safety - 100 req. hrs
Machine Safety Settings
OSHA Regulation Review
Safety Equipment
Quality - 720 req. hrs
Quality Department Operation
Product Specifications
Measuring Instruments & Tools
AQL Procedures
Process Technology (Molding) - 3780 req. hrs
Operation Standard Runner Molds
Hot Runner Molds
Case Molds
Manifold Molds
Stack Molds
Valve Gated Molds
Start Up Procedures
Trouble Shooting Procedures
Mold Evaluations
Design Trouble Shooting
Shut Down Procedures
Cleaning & Care
Process Control Procedures
Process Control Equipment
Material Evaluations
Setting Standard Production Cycles
Various Machine Adjustments
New Mold Start Up

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