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Inspector, Building

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

12 skill sets | 49 total skills
Inspection Techniques and Procedures - 600 req. hrs
Inspection of buildings under construction, being demolished, and existing building
Additional Functions of Inspection - 450 req. hrs
Fire protection equipment facilities
Operating features
Evacuation drills
General fire safety public education
Field Inspection Processes and its Functions - 450 req. hrs
Observing, recording and eliminating hazards and potential hazards
Field Inspections and Fire Suppression - 450 req. hrs
Protection of fire fighters and rescue workers
Awareness of suppression requirements
Follow-Through Inspections - 450 req. hrs
Check on correction and compliance with code
Discovery of other violations (hazards or possible hazards)
Evaluation of failure to comply on schedule
Owner/occupant understanding of purpose of compliance and enforcement procedures
Company Inspections and Surveys - 450 req. hrs
Prefire planning
In-service inspections and surveys
Diagrams, notes, maps
Fire Hazards of Building Services - 450 req. hrs
Hazards of building services
Electrical systems and appliances
Heating systems and appliances
Air conditioning and ventilating systems
Air movement equipment
Fire Hazards of Industrial Occupancies - 450 req. hrs
Electrical power sources
Textile manufacturing
Plastics fabrication plants
Rubber Products manufacturing
Wood Products Manufacturing
Furniture manufacturing
Pulp and paper mills
Paper products
Printing and publishing
Machine shops
Vegetable and animal oil processing
Clay products plants
Dry cleaning plants
Fire Protection Systems and Devices - 450 req. hrs
Water supply testing
Sprinkler systems
Standpipe systems
Alarm Systems and Detection Devices - 450 req. hrs
Operations and tests
Alarm circuits
Detection devices
Portable Fire Extinguishers - 450 req. hrs
Installation requirements
Various systems
Investigation of the Fire Scene - 450 req. hrs
Determining cause of reason
Determining how fire burned
Determining related fire explosion
Identifying and eliminating known causes

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