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Insulation & Asbestos Worker

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Empire Insulation Specialties, Inc.
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

9 skill sets | 9 total skills
Use and Care of Tools and Equipment - 500 req. hrs
Trowel, brushes, knives, scissors, saws, pliers, tape measure, stapling gun, caulking gun. Power saw, welding machine, compressor.
Material Handling - 500 req. hrs
Staging. Erecting and safe use of ladders. Assembling, dismantling, and safe use of scaffolding. Handling and hoisting insulating materials.
Selection and Measuring of Insulation Material - 2,000 req. hrs
Reading blueprints and specifications. Selection of appropriate type of insulating material including: fiberglass, foam, cellulose, rock wool, etc. Measurement, layout and cutting of material for both straight and curved surfaces.
Application of Insulation Material - 2,000 req. hrs
Use of glues and adhesives. Pin and tack welding. Wire mesh and corner bead. Spraying, wiring, taping, stapling, blowing-in loose-fill insulation.
Covering, Sealing, Finishing - 1,800 req. hrs
Uses of, and methods of applying, aluminum, sheetmetal, plastic, canvas, tape, sealants, asphalt mastic. Cementing or banding cover in place. Screwing on sheetmetal covering.
Firestop Penetration Work - 200 req. hrs
Selection and application of appropriate endothermic materials to all penetrations through fire-rated walls, floors, assemblies.
Asbestos Abatement (optional) - 250 req. hrs
Lead Abatement (optional) - 250 req. hrs
If in keeping with prevailing area practices.
Mold Remediation (optional) - 250 req. hrs
If in keeping with prevailing area practices.

Technical Instruction

Safety and Health - 32 req. hrs
General construction site safety
OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course
Personal protective equipment
Safe and proper use of respirator(s)
Use of decontamination shower
Ladder safety
Scaffold safety
Asbestos Safety
Lead safety
Mold remediation
General environmental remediation
All applicable OSHA and EPA regulations, standards, rules
First aid/CPR
Mathematics - 18 req. hrs
Trade math (including measurement, practical algebra, and geometric construction)
Basic account keeping (time and materials)
Blueprints - 18 req. hrs
Reading blueprints for the building trades
Reading specifications
Reading codes
Trade Theory and Science - 32 req. hrs
Basic building construction
Principles of heat transfer
Use and care of hand and power tools
Use and care of machines and equipment
Insulation requirements and characteristics of materials used in: Plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems Industrial, process, and power plant systems Refrigeration systems
Fundamental insulation skills: Buildings, Piping, of all temperature ranges Vats, tanks, and vessels (commercial) Ducts and plenum chambers, Heating and air conditioning equipment Underground equipment, Application of protective coatings and coverings , Loose-fill and foam
Shop fabrication: Layout and patternmaking, Construction
Industrial insulation applications: Industrial boilers and related piping and equipment, Turbines and related piping and equipment, Industrial tanks, vessels, and towers, Industrial piping, Refrigeration systems, Cryogenics, Other
Firestop penetration work
Specialty areas: Nuclear power generating equipment (optional), Marine systems and equipment (optional), Sound attenuation (optional), Spraying foam

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