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IT Support Professional

Hybrid Apprenticeship
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O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 31 total skills
Desktop/Server Maintenance - 300 req. hrs
Update and monitor system components
Storage solution management
Manage file and print services
Security encryption and audit configuration
Monitor and configure network services
Troubleshoot server issues and package compatibility
Manage firmware, OS image, and BIOS/NetBoot configuration and deployment tools
Hardware Management - 300 req. hrs
Build and install rackmount server, desktop PC hardware from components
Install, replace, or upgrade CPU, RAM, and storage drive devices
Troubleshoot power supply and cooling system issues
Configure and troubleshoot audio/video equipment
Troubleshoot, configure, or install peripheral devices and network appliances
Apply, track, and update asset control labels and documentation
Network Maintenance - 500 req. hrs
Route, terminate, and connect network and device data cabling
Wired network device installation and configuration
Wireless network device installation and configuration
Install, configure, and troubleshoot TCP/IP and UDP network connections
Network service management
Monitor network performance and security
Software Administration - 500 req. hrs
Configure and prepare new hardware for designated server role, including OS deployment/install, setting hostnames and network addresses, and enabling services
Install or deploy operating system via disk image or network deployment tools
Access remote server hardware via local hardware (e.g., KVM switches or control panels) or remote administration through ILO/iDRAC, RDP, SSH/VNC connections or terminal services
Storage device selection, installation, and set up (file system, partitioning, and building RAID arrays as needed) on local (SAS, SATA, SCSI) and network-attached drives
Security configuration and testing, including multifactor authentication, access controls, OS/application hardening techniques, firewall and port security, and endpoint security tools
Implement and follow disaster recovery procedures, including backups, redundancy, and risk management policies
Asset management (software licensing, hardware/software lifecycle evaluation, inventory control)
Ticket Management and Documentation - 200 req. hrs
Work within existing task assignment and record-keeping systems
Open, respond, manage, and close tickets
Document resolution information
Update documentation on configuration and status of servers
Research past resolutions and clean up notes/records on architecture and data flow diagrams or related documents

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