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Lead Pharmacy Technician, Retail

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
CVS Health
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

12 skill sets | 51 total skills
Pharmacy Technician Certification Boards (PTCB) National Certification: Regulations, Terminology, and Pharmacology
Identify pharmacy laws and regulating bodies
Understand vocabulary used in the medical and pharmaceutical fields
Accurately and completely process prescriptions
Understand therapeutic information for top 200 medications
Identify drug classifications
Identify common drug interactions
Pharmacy Technician Certification Boards (PTCB) National Certification: Hospital Pharmacy
Understand inventory management
Identify information required for medication orders
Identify and describe the different routes of administration
Understand proper compounding procedures according to USP
Understand procedures involved in Investigational Drug Studies
Identify and describe commonly used pharmaceutical references
Pharmacy Technician Certification Boards (PTCB) National Certification: Calculations in the Pharmacy Practice Setting
Understand basic mathematical skills
Understand relationships between different measurement systems
Complete pharmacy calculations including dosage calculations, flow rates, percent solutions, dilution, alligations, and children’s dosing
Team Building in the Pharmacy
Understand four leadership styles
Understand characteristics of effective team
Understand phases of team development
Be able to motivate team members
Maximizing Service through Conflict Resolution
Define discord, disagreement, and conflict
Identify primary types of workplace discord
Understand conditions leading to unhealthy discord
Understand customer complaints and impact on the business
Be able to resolve discord among employees
Delegation of Pharmacy Tasks
Define delegation
Articulate benefits of delegation
Identify and overcome obstacles to delegation
Understand characteristics of good delegation
Apply four-step delegation model
Refunds and Coupons Outside Sale
Perform various types of returns, refunds or exchanges
Provide appropriate form of payment back to customer
Exercise management discretion on refunds
Reduce company’s liability to fraudulent refunds
Provide guidance to team on handling questionable returns while balancing customer service with loss prevention
Manager Voids
Recognize and accurately process manager voids
Provide quick and courteous customer service
Technician to Pharmacist Ratio Law
Understand the importance of maintaining Technician to Pharmacist ratios in the pharmacy
Know the potential violations when pharmacies are not in compliance with ratio regulations, where applicable
Understand how ratio requirements impact on-the-job training
Comprehend your role in meeting ratio laws
Identify the state-specific ratio requirements in your pharmacy
Pharmacy Technician Proficiency Evaluation Process and Demonstration
Understand the process for leveraging the Pharmacy Technician Proficiency Evaluation to develop your Pharmacy Technicians
Leverage the Pharmacy Technician Proficiency Evaluation functionality to: a. Access the Pharmacy Technician Evaluation page, b. Evaluate your Pharmacy Technician’s proficiency, c. Schedule following evaluations to develop colleagues
Ensuring Quality Assurance with Automation
Recognize the role of automation in the pharmacy
Perform advanced automation procedures
Properly maintain the ScriptPro
Adhere to CVS/pharmacy automation process for patient safety
Corporate Physical Security Training
Understand the company expectations related to Security Access Badges
Understand CVS Health building access policies
State those circumstances that building security should be notified
Define the process for visitors/Vendors to gain building access

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