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Licensed Practical Nurse

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships (NCHA)
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

16 skill sets | 128 total skills
Perform the following tasks as they coordinate nursing care delivery to ensure resident’s needs are met in accordance with professional standards of practice, through physician orders, policies and procedures, and regulations
Maintain Clean and Safe Environment (Infection Control, Physical Environment Maintenance and Safety Procedures)
Communicate Effectively, While Following Regulations with Residents, Family, Medical Team and Other Authorized Persons
Vital Signs and Specimen Collection
Personal Care Skills and Activities of Daily Living
Promote Resident’s Developmental, Mental Health and Social Service Needs
Care of Cognitive Impaired Residents
Basic Restorative Skills/Services
Resident’s Rights
Perform Administrative Tasks
Resident Positioning
Bowel Management Protocol
Elimination and Skin Care
Respiratory Care
Meal Time and Dietary
Assume team leader role, accepting responsibility and accountability for all resident care on designated team, including providing direct physical nursing care, with respect to the following general list of duties
Perform resident care and various nursing duties according to policies/procedure and standards as delegated by Nurse Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Registered Nurse or Charge Nurse
Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and technical skills in performing resident care
Provide for the emotional and physical comfort and safety of the resident and his/her family/caregiver
Observe changes in clinical and/or functional status and report changes to Nurse Manager, Clinical Coordinator, or Supervisor in a timely manner; Observe residents for specific signs/symptoms as instructed by Nurse Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Registered Nurse, or Charge Nurse
Conduct rounds to monitor, observe and evaluate resident’s general condition
Assist residents with all aspects of Activities of Daily Living and any special care needs as indicated by the Nurse Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Registered Nurse, or Charge Nurse for which they are properly educated and trained
Assist other staff members with resident care
Ensure necessary supplies for resident care are available
Recognize and respond to emergent situations efficiently and effectively by managing self, residents, staff and others appropriately
Assist in resident care coordination
Assist with making out daily resident care assignments for assigned team
Provide direction to Certified Nurse Assistant, giving and taking reports; Demonstrate the ability to delegate duties; Oversee completion of Certified Nursing Assistant’s assignments
Demonstrate ability to problem solve utilizing resources
Collect and document data relevant to the resident's current health status, medical history and discharge plan needs
Set priorities for nursing actions according to the resident's needs
Complete 24-hour report for assigned team
Monitor dining room during mealtime, ensuring residents is safe, fed and/or encouraged to complete meal
Document resident care in accordance with workplace policies/procedures
Participate in completing a portion of the admission paperwork accurately & according to guidelines
Document pertinent nursing observations and actions in medical record appropriately
Complete all unit specific forms within the Licensed Practical Nurse role accurately and in a timely manner
Transcribe physician orders when needed
Ensure Certified Nursing Assistant’s complete required documentation
Prepare, administer and record medications, treatments and nursing procedures according to workplace policies/procedures
Monitor/document resident’s response to medication
Perform resident care treatments and procedures according to polices/procedures
Document medication and treatment administration records promptly per policy
Possess a sound knowledge base of medication and treatment administration
Provide the resident and/or family instruction on medication as it relates to a resident's diagnosis, status or plan of treatment
Order and maintain stock supplies and medications
Stock and clean medicine carts during and upon completion of medication pass
Promote an environment for the resident that acknowledges & respect the resident's individuality & rights during both treatments & medication administration
Demonstrate ability to function as Charge Nurse by assuming responsibility and accountability for resident care and entire unit functioning in absence of Nurse Manager/Clinical Coordinator
Make out daily work assignment fairly utilizing available resources
Coordinate unit activities effectively
Assure completion of 24-hour report and faxes to supervisor
Manage emergency situations effectively - fire safety, resident falls, change/deterioration in resident condition & initiate appropriate follow-up
Assist with maintaining the accuracy of the resident care assignment sheets
Contact/interact with families as needed
Knowledge of Interdisciplinary Team
Knowledge of Chain of Command
Know Charge Duty responsibilities
Assist in the preparation of the resident for clinical staff, such as Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Physician
Observe the health status of residents. Collect and record data from the resident, caregivers/family, health care providers, individuals and/or agencies in the community and documents appropriately
Review the resident's medical record to ascertain that pertinent data is in the record and attempts to retrieve any missing information.
Review resident's medications with physician every visit
Communicate effectively, professionally and appropriately with health team members, residents and families
Communicate information intra/interdepartmentally
Keep supervisors informed of significant changes in residents’ behavior or condition
Notify supervisors promptly of any problems related to any staff members
Reinforce resident and family education and training; Observe and report resident and family compliance to the teaching plan
Maintain the highest level of customer service when assisting the resident, the resident’s family and visitors
Work cooperatively within the health care team
Support the team in planning the resident's care by assisting in the development and implementation of realistic, measurable, time-bound goals
Cooperate with leadership staff in implementing planned changes and activities to improve resident's care or overall functioning of the clinical unit
Assist other staff members with resident care
Support orientation process by assigning buddies, if necessary, and following up with staff to assure assignment is being completed
Welcome new staff/float to the unit, and assist with orientation of new staff
Accept assignments and adapt to changes in job responsibilities in a professional manner
Respond to and handle situations in an appropriate manner following the chain of command for resolution
Proper and legal use of all Medications and Treatments
Administration Pass with 1:1 x 3
Medication Administration Record (MAR/medex)
Treatment Administration Record (TAR)
Ordering of medications/stock medications
Resources at site for drug information
Proper and legal use of all Medications and Treatments: Medication Room
Narcotic cupboard
Counting/signing out/disposal of narcotics
Narcotic Log Book
Med Keys including Narcotic keys
Emergency Drug Box including pharmacy form
Medicine Cart set-up, cleaning and storage of medications
Treatment Cart set-up
Transcription of new orders to Medication Administration Record/Treatment Administration Record
Properly Discharge orders
Medication Order Sheet/Routine and narcotics
Physicians’ Order Forms (Updates, Interim, New Admission) including 4 check procedure
Physician’s standing orders
Routine Narcotic Renewal
Calling Doctor and taking telephone order
Follows policies and procedures for medication hold, refusal and medication not available
Pain Management Documentation
Transcription of a Coumadin Order and follow up
Pro Re Nata (PRN) Med/Treatment orders and documentation
Parenteral/Enteral Solutions orders and Medication Administration Record transcription
Night shift check of all charts for new orders
Ability to complete proper documentation of the following
24-Hour report (who is on report and information required)
Employer Electronic Medical Record Documentation
Employer Electronic Medical Record, Allergy and Immunology with hard copy
Chart Flag System
Discharge paperwork
Transfer Forms (Internal and External Transfer)
Request for Leave of Absence
Ophthalmology, Audiology, Dental Forms
Request for Consultation
Shift Documentation and Care Sheets
Advance Directive Documentation, wrist band Identification, placement and tracking
Elder Death and Receipt of Mortician
Care Plans
Face Sheet and Cumulative Diagnosis Index List
Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) Forms
Knowledge of Following Emergency Procedures
Knowledge of all Emergency Codes
Procedure for Code Announcement
Know when and how to contact Supervisor
Fire Observation Review Form
Code Cart: Location, use, documentation and replacement of items used
Suction Machine set up and usage
Registered Nurse Assessment for falls
Comply with employer and departmental policies and procedures
Adhere to all infection control and safety policies and procedures
Adhere to Resident Rights and confidentiality regulations
Complete annual competencies
Operate patient care equipment in accordance with policy and procedure; Obtain, clean and return equipment. Take appropriate action to ensure broken equipment is repaired
Adhere to nursing dress code; Arrive to work on time for assigned shift, prepared to work; Adhere to clocking procedures per protocol; Comply with all other facility and management policies, procedures and requirements
Participate in employer Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) program
Demonstrate understanding of Quality Assurance Performance Improvement process
Participate in data collection
Actively participate in solving problems identified by Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Program
Respond with appropriate performance to results obtained from Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Indicator
Participate in staff development programs to improve skills and to contribute toward the improvement of resident care
Responsible for identifying own educational/training needs
Participate in and complete a minimum of 12 hours of in-service annually
Participate in staff meetings, communication systems, read and sign off all self - study in-services and all pertinent education materials in addition to mandatory in-services
Bring to annual evaluation ALL required paperwork necessary as directed by re-orientation letter: 1) Completed annual health assessment, 2) Completed annual reorientation, 3)Completed required annual competencies

Technical Instruction

The Nursing Profession - 212 req. hrs
This includes the history of nursing, the health care system, therapeutic communication, physical assessment and the nursing process including legal and ethical aspects of nursing.
An introduction to basic medical terminology is included during this course.
Growth and Development: The Adult Patient - 62 req. hrs
The study of the life cycle of man from infancy to old age with special emphasis on the physical, psychological and emotional changes in adults. Includes nursing implications for health teaching, counseling and patient care.
Growth and Development: The Pediatric Patient - 56 req. hrs
Includes nursing concepts to guide the student in providing care for the ill child. Growth and development emphasizing developmental stages when assessing, planning care and activities for the child, recognizing the challenges parents and family face prior to the child’s entering adolescence and adulthood.
Clinical Lab Skills – Basic Level
Topics in this segment include but not limited to: therapeutic communication, sanitary procedures, patient bathing and moving, personal care, patient transfer, intake/output, vital signs and data gathering.
Intermediate Nursing - 153 req. hrs
Incorporates more advanced nursing skills and concepts necessary to care for adults with common illnesses, medication preparation and administration, nutrition and diet therapy. Includes concepts and alternatives to hospital care for elderly patients.
Care of the Patient with Cardiopulmonary Disorders - 221 req. hrs
Review of pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia, COPD and heart failure. Assess functional health status of patients with cardiac and lung disorders; learn planning and team based professional care of patients.
The Endocrine System - 81 req. hrs
Includes the collection of glands and organs that regulate and control various body functions and topics related to aging such as hormone levels and decline of endocrine function.
Care of the Patient with Cancer, Hematological and Lymphatic Disorders - 92 req. hrs
Review of hematologic malignancies including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma that interrupt normal blood cell development.
Clinical Lab Skills – Intermediate Level
Topics in this segment include but not limited to: sterile gloving, tube feeding and irrigation, catheterization, tracheostomy care, physical data collection.
The Nervous and Sensory Systems - 68 req. hrs
Review of the sensory system, how stimuli communicate with body function through receptors, relation to homeostasis – informing changes in internal and external environments.

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