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Linoleum, Resilient Tile & Carpet Layer

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Gato Flooring, LLC.
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 41 total skills
Tools of the Trade - 250 req. hrs
Safe use of all tools and equipment.
Care, maintenance, and proper storage of tools, equipment and materials.
Preparation of Base Surfaces - 750 req. hrs
Disconnecting and removing obstacles such as appliances and light fixtures.
Pulling plug only – no hard wire disconnect.
Safely removing existing materials as appropriate.
Sweeping, scraping, sanding, chipping dirt and irregularities.
Filling cracks with such materials as putty, plaster, and patch.
Pouring floors, such as Ardex K15, for the purpose of installing trade-specific materials (optional).
Installation of Underlayments for Finish Materials - 350 req. hrs
Reading blueprints, sketches, work orders and/or specifications.
Handling underlayment materials, such as plywood and felt.
Measuring underlayment materials.
Cutting underlayment materials.
Applying adhesive cement to flooring.
Installing and fitting underlayment materials.
Installation of Resilient Floorcovering(s) - 2000 req. hrs
Reading blueprints, sketches, work order and/or specifications.
Measuring and planning layout for sheet goods: non-patterned, patterned, custom insets.
Measuring and planning layout for tiles: linear installation, quarter-turn, 45° patterns, others.
Handling resilient floorcovering.
Laying out and marking center lines, guidelines, and border lines on foundation material.
Measuring and cutting covering materials.
Laying resilient floorcovering; fitting, knifing, direct scribing, pattern scribing, other.
Applying covering using adhesive, staples, tape, nails, other.
Matching patterns and executing designs.
Seaming sections of sheet covering by double cutting, underscribing, sealing/welding, other.
Rolling finished surface.
Applying finishing materials: cove base, base shoe, metals/vinyl.
General maintenance and repair of hard surface materials.
Safe use, storage and disposal of adhesive.
Installation of Carpet - 1500 req. hrs
Reading blueprints, sketches, work orders and/or specifications.
Measuring and planning layout for appearance, durability, and matching of patterns; estimating amount of materials.
Handling underlay and carpet materials.
Laying padding or underlaying materials/ securing by stapling, gluing, taping, other.
Measuring and marking carpet.
Cutting carpet.
Installing fastening devices such as tackless strip, tacking strip, other.
Installing carpet: conventional method (stretching), gluing down, taping, other.
Trimming and securing carpet, finishing with metals/vinyls, base.
Seaming carpet by heat, sewing, wet method taping, other.
General maintenance and repairing of carpet and underlay.
Safely using, storing and disposing of adhesive.
Removing all type of carpet and handling new installation over old glues.

Technical Instruction

Safety and Accident Prevention - 22.5 req. hrs
Trade Safety – including proper use, storage and disposal of adhesive; SDS; removal of existing materials, including asbestos-backed; fall protection; all applicable OSHA and EPA regulations, standards, rules.
OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course – if required for Public Work
Asbestos Safety
Blueprinting Reading and Sketching - 24 req. hrs
Elementary Blueprint Reading
Sketching and Drawing (including scaled drawing and working drawings)
C.A.D. (optional)
Mathematics - 24 req. hrs
Trade Math
Estimating Materials and Cost

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