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Mechanical Engineering Technician

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
International Business Machine (IBM)
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

11 skill sets | 46 total skills
Demonstrate key teamwork, communication, and collaborative behaviors
Articulate the value behind and demonstrate effective teamwork and collaboration
Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility
Demonstrate strong communication skills through the selection of the appropriate communication method for each message
Demonstrate strong presentation skills through quality materials and clear presentation
Demonstrate appropriate use of email for general communications
Demonstrate appropriate use of Slack for general communications
Understand and model good feedback behaviors
Understand the importance of feedback in all we do
Deliver quality feedback to team members
Receive feedback gracefully and act on it
Model goal setting behaviors through performance management system
Model a culture of feedback with all team members
Demonstrate knowledge of organizational policies and procedures
Understand and demonstrate knowledge around Business Conduct Guidelines, cybersecurity and other organizational policies as required
Demonstrate general lab safety and operations
Demonstrate knowledge of General Safety Guidelines
Demonstrate knowledge of Site Lab and Department Safety Procedures
Demonstrate knowledge of EF New Hire Safety and Environmental Training
Demonstrate knowledge of Fundamentals of Ergonomics for Office, Remote, and Mobile Employees
Demonstrate knowledge of HAZCOM Safety Training
Demonstrate knowledge of Hoist Safety
Demonstrate knowledge of Ionizing Radiation Safety
Demonstrate knowledge of Laboratory Chemical Hygiene
Demonstrate knowledge of Laser Safety
Demonstrate knowledge of Lead Safety and the OSHA Lead Standard
Demonstrate knowledge of “Lock-Out / Tag-Out” LOTO “Affected/Authorized Employee”
Demonstrate knowledge of Ergonomic Training
Demonstrate knowledge of Use of Personal Protective Equipment
Demonstrate knowledge of procurement processes and tools
Demonstrate ability to apply Procurement Processes Practices
Demonstrate ability to use and leverage procurement tools
Demonstrate knowledge of Lab Operations and Fundamentals
Demonstrate knowledge of Mechanical lab operations and fundamentals
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to use and operate Lab Tools and Equipment
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to maintain and operate Mechanical Testing Tools (e.g. Instron, 3D Printer, Measurement, etc.)
Demonstrate knowledge and ability for the Mechanical Packaging and Design of Electronic sub-assemblies with CAD tools
Demonstrate knowledge of 3D CAD Tools (Catia, Creo, Solidworks, etc.)
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to utilize CAD tool to package and design Electronic Sub-assemblies (Power, Thermal, IO boards, Planar boards, Frames, Brackets, Covers, Slides, Latches, etc.)
Demonstrate knowledge of sheet metal, plastic, cast parts and electronic board layout design
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to design for cost
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to design for cost
Demonstrate knowledge of design techniques
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform tolerance analysis and define Critical to Function (CTF) dimensions
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
Demonstrate knowledge of Critical to Function (CTF) Dimensioning Procedure
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform Excel based and CAD tool based tolerance analysis
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to properly document design specifications (2D Prints, ERE, Enovia)
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to document design specifications through 2D prints
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to load complete documentation in ERE (Repository)
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to do release Engineering Changes (EC) using Enovia
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to collaborate with suppliers on DfM during Early User Hardware (EUH) build and prototyping
Demonstrate knowledge of Design for Manufacturability (DfM) practices
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to collaborate with Supplies on DfM for Early User Hardware
Demonstrate knowledge of soft-tooling and hard tooling processes, draft angles, etc.
Demonstrate knowledge of fabrication processes
Demonstrate knowledge of prototyping

Technical Instruction

Professional Foundation Training - 54 req. hrs
Employee onboarding and integration
Career Success skills
Technical Foundational Instruction: General Lab Operations - 43 req. hrs
Lab safety
Procurement process and tools

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