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Medical Assistant

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Healthcare Apprenticeship Consortium JATC
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 37 total skills
Communicate and Interact Effectively to Provide Quality Patient Care - 400 req. hrs
Communicate with patient by phone/online
Prepare patient for examination (including vital signs)
Collect patient health history and medication reconciliation
Provide chronic disease management, preventive care and screenings, patient self-management, and health coaching
Provide referral coordination
Health benefit enrolment if required
Manage and respond to patient communications
Office Management and Administrative Tasks - 100 req. hrs
Maintain medical records
Evaluating Daily Patient List for necessary health maintenance updates
Coordinate patient/office communication
Provide/coordinate office maintenance
Provide or support other office and administrative procedures as directed
Run charts/pull reports
Evaluate Patient List for health maintenance updates
Prepare and organize charts including documentation and use of EHR Systems and other medical records
Obtain referrals/authorization for treatment
Provide administrative support as needed
Coordinate and Schedule Appointments - 75 req. hrs
Coordinate provider schedules
Prioritize patients using an established protocol
Schedule patient appointments
Assist with and Perform Authorized Medical, Laboratory, and Clinical Procedures - 1100 req. hrs
Exam room preparation
Assist with physician or provider's orders
Prepare and assist with minor office procedures
May include assessment, exam procedures, laboratory procedures, phlebotomy, administration of approved medications and vaccines, and other duties, determined by local need and scope of practice
Maintain Clinical Safety and Environmental Standards - 25 req. hrs
Inventory, stocking, & reordering supplies
Provide and maintain aseptic environment including instrument sterilization
Calibrate and standardize equipment
Dispose of hazardous waste
Maintaining standards of worker and patient health and safety including hand washing, use of gloves as appropriate
Participate in Ongoing Quality Improvement Processes - 50 req. hrs
Rapid-cycle change and problem solving
Monitoring quality measures
Workflow assessment redesign
Business principles and information management
Communicates Effectively with Clinic Care Team - 175 req. hrs
Participate in care coordination activities
Population and panel management to identify and address gaps in care
Teamwork in a variety of environments
Coordinate/support/work with team and patient population on provider scheduling

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