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Medical Assistant

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

4 skill sets | 17 total skills
Communicates with others to collect, share, record and report information properly
Schedules appointments
Greets and logs in patients at office or clinic
Determines and records medical history and reason for current appointment/visit/procedure
Provides patient instructions, information and education
Phones, faxes or uses electronic system to order or refill prescriptions
Manages "front end" of medical office
Collects payments or co-payments and bills insurance companies
Maintains office files
Properly codes medical diagnoses, treatments and therapies for patient billing and third-party payer purposes
Assists medical professionals and patients during examinations and procedures
Shows patient to examination or procedure room and prepares them for physician
Hands instruments to care-providers, as needed, and assists in examinations, treatments and procedures, as needed
Records notes during exam or procedure
Carries out basic medical procedures
Gives injections based on care provider's orders
Cleans and dresses wounds
Administers medications per licensed care provider's order
Removes sutures
Performs irrigation techniques: ear, eyes, nose, medical tubing, wounds, medical pumps and devices
Takes vital signs

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