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Medical Assistant (Biomedical Pathway)

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Project Lead the Way
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 64 total skills
Level One – Fundamental Procedures
Demonstrate how to properly greet a patient
Describe the stages of Dementia
State the appropriate abbreviation for the following words: a. Atrial fibrillation, b. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, c. End stage renal disease, d. Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Observes all OSHA requirements
Disposes of biohazard materials/waste per policy
DHEC and associated responsibilities
Perform proper handwashing and hand hygiene
Perform physical assessment
Physical: Neurological
Physical: Respiratory
Physical: Cardiovascular
Physical: Musculoskeletal
Physical: Genitourinary
Physical: Gastrointestinal
Describe the three blood pressure levels: a. Normal, b. Pre-hypertension, c. Hypertension
Pain assessment / use of pain scale and discomfort intensity
Documentation of assessment in medical records
Wrap items for autoclaving
Perform sterilization techniques
Practice Standard Precautions
State what HIPAA stands for
Describe the legalities and importance of HIPAA and confidentiality in your day-to-day work
Level Two – Specimen Collection
Perform venipuncture
Perform capillary puncture
Obtain specimens for microbiological testing
Instruct patients in the collection of a clean-catch, midstream urine specimen
Instruct patients in the collection of a fecal specimen
Level Two – Diagnostic Testing
Perform electrocardiography
Perform respiratory testing
Perform urinalysis
Perform hematology testing
Perform chemistry testing
Perform immunology testing
Perform microbiology testing
Describe the tests that coincide with diabetes
Level Two – Professionalism
Explain how to deal with upset customers
Demonstrate how to prioritize your daily tasks on a scale of 1 to 5
Demonstrate excellent customer service over the phone
Understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the appropriate role of the medical assistant
Professional relationships with physician supervisors and other health care providers
Respect, compassion, and integrity
Commitment to ethical principles pertaining to provision or withholding of clinical care, confidentiality of patient information, informed consent, and business practices
Sensitivity and responsiveness to patients’ culture, age, gender, and disabilities
Level Three – Patient Care
Perform telephone and in-person screening
Obtain vital signs
Describe Care Plan Oversight
Obtain and record patient history
Demonstrate the correct way to take a patient’s medical history
Prepare and maintain examination and treatment areas
Prepare patient for and assist with routine and specialty examinations
Prepare patient for and assist with procedures, treatments, and minor office surgeries
Demonstrate how to store medicine safely
Apply pharmacology principles to prepare and administer oral and parenteral (excluding IV) medications
Maintain medication and immunization records
Screen and follow-up test results
Work effectively with physicians and other health care professionals to provide patient-centered care
Demonstrate caring and respectful behaviors when interacting with patients and their families
Gather essential and accurate information about their patients
Make informed decisions about diagnostic and therapeutic interventions based on patient information and preferences, up-to-date scientific evidence, and clinical judgment
Develop and carry out patient management plans
Counsel and educate patients and their families
Prepare the equipment needed for a procedure
Competently perform medical and surgical procedures considered essential in the area of practice
Provide health care services and education aimed at preventing health problems or maintaining health

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