Medical Coder

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
River Valley Workforce Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Time-Based Skills

8 skill sets | 8 total skills | 1950 total hours
Performs comprehensive review of the medical record documentation (OP visits, IP visit notes, procedures etc.) to validate provider codes or fully abstract data to assign codes - 700 req. hrs
700 hrs
Follow appropriate process to ensure accurate code and charge submission (paper billing, electronic charge capture) - 1100 req. hrs
400 hrs
Appropriately resolve coding, billing and system edits on all accounts in ensure accurate billing - 1300 req. hrs
200 hrs
Works to consistently to meet all benchmark expectations for given clinical specialty which includes productivity, denial resolution, and customer service inquiries - 1500 req. hrs
200 hrs
Query providers as necessary, in order to resolve incomplete or inconsistent documentation prior to billing - 1600 req. hrs
100 hrs
Identifies possible trends during coding or denial follow up and report to direct supervisor/manager - 1700 req. hrs
100 hrs
Adheres to D-H policies and procedures, including attendance and dress code - 1800 req. hrs
100 hrs
Maintains professional development through participation in internal and external education opportunities - 1950 req. hrs
150 hrs