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Narrow Web Flexographic Press Operator

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Manufacturers Association of Central New York, Inc.
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 38 total skills
Safety and Workplace Orientation - 200 req. hrs
Learn and practice employer-specific safety protocols
Demonstrate proper safety procedures when handling, using, storing and disposing of chemicals used in flexographic printing
Acquire basic knowledge of shop equipment, tools and terminology
Learn base substrates (e.g. paper, films, liners, base laminations)
Understand proper Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO) procedures
Demonstrate proper lifting techniques
Substrate Handling - 400 req. hrs
Understand proper ink technology (Water Base, UV Cure, Solvent, etc.) associated with flexographic printing
Load and unload roll stock per procedure
Verify accuracy of substrate and footage to the appropriate job
Check for damage in transit/printing line (if applicable)
Planning/Processing Job Orders - 400 req. hrs
Understand proper color technology, ink variation: ultra-violet vs. water-base, ink adhesion, curing, varnish application and die cutting
Examine job orders; verify quantity to be printed, stock specifications, colors, inks, varnish and die cutting, perforation, lineal scoring, etc. special printing instructions
Obtain and verify required materials
Job Preparation - 950 req. hrs
Obtain or mix inks and fill ink fountains/stations
Remove particles of dust or dried ink from plate
Understand tension controls, splicing methods and how to adjust
Verify that paper/ adhesive varnish meets the specifications for a given job
Collect and inspect random samples during print runs to identify any necessary adjustments
Demonstrate running solid color, screens/halftones, process- color and multi-color work using pantone matching system (PMS) colors
Change press plates, splices, or cylinders as required
Press Operation - 1000 req. hrs
Adjust press throughout production run to maintain specific registration and color density
Understand the proper equipment and tools used in the print stations (use of printing plates, rollers, inks)
Demonstrate proper die handling and die maintenance
Demonstrate proper drying and curing of ink and varnish
Adjust bulbs, electron beam, etc. as needed
Become familiar with personal tools and their use on the press line (Allen wrenches, rulers, calculators, hammer, flashlight, magnifying glass)
Monitor printing process on control panel or computer monitor (if available), adjust press manually and/or electronically
Monitor automated press operation and defect detection systems and respond to fault, error, or alert messages
Troubleshoot potential press/print defects and make proper adjustments
Verify strips to appropriate target
Meet and maintain various quality and functionality test requirements (e.g. barcode scanning, tape rub tests, etc.)
Complete all applicable paperwork and electronic functions
Cleaning, Maintaining, Repairing Press - 850 req. hrs
Clean ink fountains, plates, or printing unit cylinders (plate and impression cylinders) when press runs are completed
Understand how to thoroughly inspect and clean fountain roller, as well as the anilox roller
Identify natural wear & tear on doctor blades, along with proper cleaning procedure post-operation
Lubricate press
Identify and repair minor mechanical malfunctions
Perform preventive maintenance on press and auxiliary equipment and record data

Technical Instruction

Safety, Health, and the Workplace - 24 req. hrs
Basic Shop Safety
Basic Machine Safety
Basic Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures
Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Safe Handling, Use, Storage and Disposal of All Trade-Related Chemicals and Materials
Familiarization with SDS (Right to Know)
Local, State and Federal Guidelines Affecting the Printing Industry (if applicable)
Sexual Harassment Prevention – must comply with Section 201-g of the Labor Law
Mathematics - 24 req. hrs
Basic Arithmetic & Measurement
Trade Math (including computing percentages, weights and measures; calculating amounts of ink and paper needed to do a job), press count calculations
Applications to the Trade
Trade Theory and Science - 72 req. hrs
Introduction to the Principles of Mechanics
Color Theory
Electronics (including proper in-line press equipment, narrow web vs. wide web)
Materials of the Trade (Inks, Papers, Film and Various Substrates)
Introduction to the Flexographic Printing Process and Associated Equipment
Printing Operations
Troubleshooting; “bounces & repeats”, registration and other press problems
Preventative Maintenance

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