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Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Inc.,
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 20 total skills
Foundations - 110 req. hrs
Demonstrate a working understanding of the organization’s structure, personnel rules, responsibilities and general understanding of work ethics, interpersonal communications and related policies. Understand and practice safety procedures and rules in the workplace.
Demonstrate a working understanding of the organization’s goals, mission and vision.
Demonstrate a working understanding of the organization’s office tools such as phones, copiers, fax machines, PCs, etc.
Demonstrate the ability to communicate with customers, diagnose customer issues, and deliver solutions that solve issues.
List efforts that will be used to meet goals and demonstrate the ability to achieve goals. In addition, demonstrate the ability to create an action plan for personal time-management process and ways to evaluate and improve personal and professional efforts.
Create, edit, and format, basic documents, reports, presentations, and communications using Microsoft Office. Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot basic Microsoft Office issues, and provide direction to others on how to work in Microsoft Office.
Computer and Network Foundations - 360 req. hrs
Demonstrate a working knowledge of the components of a computer and perform basic troubleshooting on communication issues within a computer.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of the hardware components of a computer and perform basic troubleshooting on hardware related issues
Demonstrate a working knowledge of basic networking, to allow the flow of information between multiple computers
Cloud and Security Foundations - 480 req. hrs
Demonstrate knowledge of “best practices” in general network security.
Create a security awareness program in the organization which is used to communicate “best practices” for end users.
Demonstrate knowledge in cloud technologies.
Design a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure, and implement a secure cloud environment.
Professional Development Foundations - 80 req. hrs
Professional Development Training Series
Server Fundamentals - 240 req. hrs
Installation, Storage and Compute
Networking with Servers
Identity with Servers
Advanced Networking and Security - 240 req. hrs
Basic Network Connectivity
Small Enterprise Network Connectivity
Recognize Security Threats in a Network

Technical Instruction

General Practices - Office Administrator - 122 req. hrs
New apprenticeship orientation session
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Word One, Two and Three
Microsoft Excel One, Two and Three
Microsoft Outlook One and Two
Microsoft Power Point Levels One and Two
Pivot tables
Email Etiquette
Communication Strategies
Professional Prep
Time Management
Acrobat One and Two
General Practices - Information Technology Network Support Specialist 1 - 160 req. hrs
Computer Fundamentals
Networking Fundamentals
Certification Exam Testing (A+ 1)
Certification Exam Testing (A+ 2)
Certification Exam Testing (Net+)
Cloud Fundamentals
Security Fundamentals
Certification Exam Testing (Cloud+)
Certification Exam Testing (Sec+)
General Practices - Professional Development Foundations - 32 req. hrs
Professional Development
Constructive Conflict Management
Business Etiquette
Developing Successful Interpersonal Skills
Excellence in Service
Installation, Storage and Compute
General Practices - Server Fundamentals - 141 req. hrs
Networking with Servers
Identity with Servers
Certification Exam Testing (MS 740)
Certification Exam Testing (MS 741)
Certification Exam Testing (MS 742)
General Practices - Advanced Networking and Security - 117 req. hrs
Interconnecting Networking Devices 1
Interconnecting Networking Devices 2
Implementing Network Security
Certification Exam Testing (Cisco ICND 1)
Certification Exam Testing (Cisco ICND 2)
Certification Exam Testing (Cisco IINS)

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