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Office Manager/Administrative Services

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Computer Productivity, New Jersey
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

13 skill sets | 119 total skills
Keyboarding/Computer Applications: Supervision - 400 req. hrs
Prioritize work assignments
Choose appropriate software and format/type letters, memos, reports, tables, business forms, financial documents
Proofread and edit documents using automatic software features
Backup, retrieve/delete, files, save/name/print documents/envelopes and lists/forms
Merge mailing lists/forms
Design and /or type newsletter, announcement and brochure
Import graphics/data
Create and/or manage databases
Create and/or manage spreadsheets
Use macros
Type agendas, meeting minutes, legal documents
Use boilerplate materials
Records Management: Supervision - 400 req. hrs
Prepare file folders and labels (color coding)
File four basic filing methods and retrieve information
Prepare cross-references for filing documents
Use a tickler follow up file
Maintain contents of files
Follow retention/transfer/purge/destroy procedures for files
Apply computer conventions for filing
Use/prepare PC directories
Establish subject filing master index
Select filing supplies and storage equipment
Use pending, reading and suspense files
Office Procedures: Management - 400 req. hrs
Greet visitors professionally
Maintain visitor records
Make/take/transfer calls using correct telephone techniques
Take accurate messages
Handle people/customers professionally
Make/cancel appointments
Use a telephone directory
Contact appropriate associates
Coordinate schedule/meetings/projects/conferences
Take meeting minutes
Make meeting minutes
Make travel arrangements/itineraries
Read maps, recognize time zones
Make photocopies, assemble/collate/staple documents
Maintain photocopiers
Maintain office supply inventory and order office supplies using purchase orders
Use reference and instruction manuals
Use electronic dictionaries, thesauruses
Set priorities, manage time, arrange workstations
Display supervision skills
Complete expense reports and forms
Portray a good company image
Follow safety practices
Communication Skills - 300 req. hrs
Speak and write clearly and concisely
Use appropriate grammar
Ask questions clearly
Use positive tone of voice
Follow directions (oral and written)
Give clear instructions
Demonstrate ability to present information orally
Exhibit good listening skills
Demonstrate ability to use shorthand/speedwriting/note taking
Computational Skills (if applicable) - 300 req. hrs
Perform mathematical computations (interest, percentage, discounts and averages)
Use accounting software
Demonstrate 10 key calculation skills by touch
Post from journals to ledgers
Use steps to locate errors in accounting
Demonstrate ability to make monetary change
Prepare payrolls data
Handle accounts receivable/accounts payable /cash receipts
Prepare bank deposit, reconcile bank statements
Compute petty cash totals
Prepare invoices
Mail Processing Managerial Instruction to include - 100 req. hrs
Use a postage machine
Process incoming/outgoing/interoffice mail
Maintain mail registers
Process faxes
Prepare E-mail messages
Send E-mail messages
Use a zip code directory
Interpersonal/Employability Skills: Managerial Training - 100 req. hrs
Demonstrate punctuality/dependability/flexibility
Demonstrate positive attitude/ethics
Demonstrate teamwork skills
Demonstrate ability to work with all types of people in a diverse workplace
Demonstrate awareness of cultural diversity
Demonstrate critical thinking/problem solving skills
Demonstrate resume writing and interviewing skills
Follow line of authority
Supervise/train office workers
Delegate work
Handle multiple responsibilities
Demonstrate cost consciousness
Computation Skills: Supervision - 300 req. hrs
Use calculator or adding machines efficiently
Demonstrate familiarity with basic computer terminology
Use/create spreadsheets and databases for compilation of a source data
Use accounting payroll software applications
Accounts Receivable: Supervision - 300 req. hrs
Prepare billing invoices check for accuracy
Verify record, and post customer/client transactions
Maintain aging of accounts receivables ,i.e. 30, 60, 90, 180 days
Adjust/apply finance charges when necessary.
Send overdue notice
Generate outstanding accounts receivable listing
Run monthly billing cycles
Supplement computerized processed with paper trail i.e., maintain accounts receivable filing
Purge uncollectible and send to collection
Accounts Payable: Supervision - 300 req. hrs
Verify record and post all payable into current system
Prepare, record and organize purchasing documents, i.e. purchase order invoices warranty information etc.
Maintain monthly accounts payable/disbursements listing
Prepare disbursement check and record payable information in appropriate check register
Prepare 1099 tax reports where applicable
Banking Procedures: Supervision - 300 req. hrs
Complete check registers manually or electronically
Prepare deposit slips, prove to receipt reports
Maintain and update checking, saving and money
Market accounts
Reconcile various bank statements
Prepare outstanding check lists
Payroll preparation: Supervision - 300 req. hrs
Demonstrate understanding of the processes and function of time cards, payroll registers, payroll earning forms
Verify and record information for w-4 forms into employee data
Calculate employee earnings based on hourly time records or based on annual salary
Enter data into current payroll system
Complete payroll data for in hours/outsourced payroll check generation
Calculate process payroll taxes through bank deposits and/or EFTPS
Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual state and federal payroll reports, i.e. withholding employment disability etc.
Inventory Control: Supervision - 200 req. hrs
Demonstrate ability to take physical and perpetual inventory
Compare inventories to locate shrinkage or shortage, prepare comparison report
Maintain inventory data base and reports

Technical Instruction

Office Procedures: Supervision - 64 req. hrs
Office Management
Secretarial Duties
Time Management
File Management
Record Keeping
Supply Inventory
Supervisory Skills - 64 req. hrs
Team Building Skills
Conflict Resolution
Training the Adult Learner
Diversity Training
Sensitivity Training
Supervision Applications - 16 req. hrs
Computer Application
Creating, editing and proofreading word processing documents
Returning data
Creating spreadsheets, databases and documents
Developing graphics and importing to text
Supervision and Managerial Skills - 68 req. hrs
Interpersonal/Employability Skills
Communication Skills
Organization Skills
Personnel procedures
Management responsibility
Accounting and Financial Services: Supervision - 68 req. hrs
Theory of Accounting Cycle
Banking procedures
Journal and Ledgers

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